With help from munich: iphofen focuses on soft tourism

With help from munich: iphofen focuses on soft tourism

With its own concept, the town of iphofen wants to develop and challenge nature tourism in its seven districts. What this means was made clear by mayor dieter lenzer to bavarian environment minister thorsten glauber (freie wahler) on monday afternoon. It’s all about "soft, sustainable tourism, said lenzer and around a "nature tourism model". The ideas and thoughts that exist from various directions are to be bundled into a package.

The minister had come to personally hand over a demand notice of his house. The ministry of the environment is supporting the iphofen initiative and the 35,000-euro concept that the town has launched with around 14,000 euros. Glauber spoke of "nature-oriented tourism in various forms" and swarmed by a "natural treasure, to be recovered in such a way that he would be protected at the same time.

Commissioned in pre-corona times, the concept is also aimed at the changed yearnings of german tourists. Holidaying in your own country has become very popular during the pandemic. This reflex should not be concealed after the end of the epidemic. For glauber, the concept of nature tourism can make a significant contribution to this: namely, if it succeeds in accompanying the previous approaches "with clever instruments to enjoy the vacation at home".

The city is now called upon to develop a funf-annual plan with goals and strategies, with the help of all local stakeholders, and to make clear how it intends to implement this plan. Mayor lenzer is convinced that this will not only enrich iphofen, but the entire district. District administrator tamara bischof sees the city’s initiative as a "good sign to bring nature, tourism and culture together".

In an earlier version of the article, we assigned environment minister thorsten glauber to the CSU. But he belongs to the free voters. We apologize for the mistake.

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