Avoiding fines: is your bike really roadworthy??

Avoiding fines: is your bike really roadworthy??

With a roadworthy bicycle you are always on the safe side. You avoid unnecessary bubble money – and what is even more important, you protect yourself and others. But is your bike really roadworthy?? We tell you what the traffic regulations (stvo) say.

Every cyclist knows the unpleasant feeling when, for some reason, you are riding your bike without lights or the bell is not working and you hope that you will not be checked by the police. However, for the sake of their own safety, every cyclist should attach great importance to a roadworthy bicycle. We tell you which criteria your bike must meet to be roadworthy.

This is what a roadworthy bicycle must have

Cycling is a great alternative to the car: better for the environment, you never have to look for a parking space, you stay fit and it's fun too. However, the ride with the wire donkey can become dangerous, if he is not equipped accordingly. Even if you buy a bike from a dealer, it does not necessarily have to be roadworthy. Before you buy a bike, you should check whether it is roadworthy, otherwise you could even get points in flensburg! We tell you which criteria a roadworthy bicycle must absolutely meet.

Checklist for a roadworthy bicycle:

  • Two brakes working independently of each other. It doesn't matter if one of them is a coaster brake, as is the case with many children's bicycles
  • A bicycle bell* that is easy to hear and has a bright sound
  • A white light in the front and a red light in the back. Available for example here in a set at amazon*
  • One white reflector in the front and one coarse red reflector in the rear. Here in the set*
  • Four yellow reflectors* in the spokes, also called cat's eyes. Alternatively, white reflective stripes in the spokes or on the tire are also allowed
  • Firmly bolted and non-slip pedals*, each with two reflectors, one at the front and one at the back

In addition, the traffic police recommends this equipment:

  • One fender* each front and back
  • A pack carrier*
  • A bicycle stand*
  • A gearshift
  • A standlight*
  • High quality bicycle lock

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