The fellas stay in the race

The tabloid press has plenty to write about, social media on the internet are discussing it, and home fans of matthias mangiapane and hubert fella are rubbing their eyes. In front of an audience of millions on RTL, the fellas also survived episode four of the summer house of the stars with insights into the relationship lives of all involved. Once again, no one among the remaining couples nominated the diebacher for elimination.
While the saaletalians had done well in the games, they tended to have bad memories of the current episode. Hubert fella was not as skillful as his teammates in assembling a chair.
And matthias mangiapane beat his high anxiety on the hollenschaukel a schnippchen. At a height of 40 meters on a bungee cord, his memory suffered during the game of suitcase packing. He was quickly unhooked and rushed into the depths, secured by the rope. Looking back, the duo is cheerful, especially since they have come closer to the RTL title of celebrity couple of the year again.
This time, of the five remaining couples, guilia siegel, daughter of film producer ralph siegel, and gourmet chef ludwig heer had to leave the portuguese villa.
So now four of the original eight pairs are still in the race for the last two broadcasts, including the fellas. From which one has since broken up after the recording of the broadcast in june: schlagersanger nico schwanz and "bachelor"-candidate saskia atzerodt. 

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