Audience immersed in the world of fantasy

audience immersed in the world of fantasy

While colorful and noisy actions were taking place on the main street at hin&herzo’s, the rain had fortunately disappeared, things were exciting at stefanie greber’s book cafe. Henning mutzlitz and christian kopp gave an insight into their work as fantasy authors and their high-fantasy anthology "wachter-chroniken".

Five years ago, the two authors published their joint novel "the watchers of the last gate" published. After that, the "queen of mesoth" was written with different authors (wachter chronicles 1). Parts of it are now available as independent publications.

In the first part of the event, mutzlitz and kopp read from the book. The audience was immersed in a fantasy world with unknown cities, airships, assassination attempts on rulers and magicians, a novel with different plot lines. In the second part, henning mutzlitz and christian kopp stimulated the imagination of the audience. Together with the audience, they explored the question of how to create an exciting and multifaceted fantasy world.

Henning mutzlitz has been a fan of the fantastic world since he was a child. After completing an editorial traineeship, he worked as a freelance journalist and writer, focusing on various forms of fantasy.

For him, it was clear that this year’s herzo cultural festival with the uberbegriff fantasy, a fantasy author could hardly have wished for anything better. This year he was even represented with two readings, the first of them in grannys kitchen, where he presented his work hexagon – the pact of the six, while jenny may-nuyen read from the daughter of ilian. Maw

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