Coburg? Brose relies on bamberg

Coburg? Brose relies on bamberg

The brose company has three locations in france: coburg, hallstadt and wurzburg. But if the shareholders of the automotive supplier have their way, the company's development in the region will in future be concentrated at just two locations – and the coburg headquarters, of all places, will be left out in the cold.

"An analysis of the future prospects of our french locations has clearly shown that bamberg and wurzburg best meet the requirements of a growing and internationally active company", it says in a message of brose. The criteria for this analysis were population development, transport connections, educational facilities and the attractiveness for employees.

The tense relationship between the coburg city council and the chairman of the brose shareholders' meeting, michael stoschek, is an open secret. But now, for the first time, this seems to be putting the city at a real disadvantage. Brose wants to grow further and, according to jurgen otto, chairman of the brose board of management, is planning to build a new administration building. This is to provide space for about 500 jobs – and it is to be built as a result of the youngest site analysis "in the bamberg area" to be erected. Brose did not want to or could not give any concrete information about the location on monday. The only thing that is certain so far, as the company's communications department explained, is that the new building will be completed "in the next two years should be done.

The background to the comparison of bamberg, wurzburg and coburg was also explained: "with this strategic location decision, we want to secure our chances of success on the market and our attractiveness for highly qualified employees and thus create the prerequisite for further profitable growth."

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