St. Bartholomaus rothenkirchen: why miracles cannot be explained

The verdict of our tester:

If the service was compared to a meal, the faithful were served a dish that contained all the ingredients – but lacked the final root. It was pleasant that potzl held a sermon that did not want to instruct, but rather to encourage a greater sense of community and coherence. In the end, however, it remained too theological and too unspecific to be remembered in the long term, even after the mass had ended. This was more successful with a statement that the pastor made right at the beginning of the service. Man is on earth because he has the mission to do good.

A visit is the st. Bartholomew's church worthy of all the traps. Also outside the service times. The golden altar in the right wing of the church is particularly impressive.

Music from the net: spotify launches in germany

"We think this is a perfect spot for spotify."At spotify you can choose from a selection of over 16 million tracks. The music is then transferred directly on the internet without the data being stored as in the case of downloading. The technical term for this is streaming. Spotify says it has more than ten million active users, including three million with a paid subscription.

The swedes are already active in twelve other countries. Unresolved licensing issues have delayed the launch of spotify in germany so far. "There were significant hurdles to entering the german market," said ek. "But now we are in a good position."Spotify is already the second-largest source of revenue for record companies in the digital music business in europe. Since its launch in october 2008, spotify has paid around 200 million euros in royalties to the music industry. This benefits record companies as well as composers and artists.

Music for a good cause

For more than 14 years, the schaeffler big band has been an integral part of the schaeffler company, performing on national and international stages. The musical repertoire includes a colorful mix of classic big band swing à la glenn miller, jazzy pieces and latin music, as well as evergreens and modern chart hits.

In the run-up to christmas, the 25-piece band under the direction of holger bock will give two benefit concerts in erlangen and herzogenaurach, the company announces. "In our advent concerts, we take the audience on a musical journey and get into the mood for a contemplative and peaceful christmas season together.", explains bandleader holger bock.

Children's eyes shine in untermerzbach

Hubsch decorated booths saumen in untermerzbach the market place, the neubaustrabe and the bachgasse. The 14. Christmas market in the municipality in the itzgrund was opened on saturday by mayor helmut dietz (SPD). The flotengruppe untermerzbach (conducted by silvia schramm) created a pre-christmas mood.

A special market, as dietz said, one of burgers for burgers, one with products of local self-marketers, with articles and handicrafts of local associations. "Our streets have been transformed into a festive little budenstadt", so the burgermeister. The market is a meeting place for young and old with the magic of the stalls and the lights and christmas music.

Feasting into the night

Susanne deuerling steinwiesen – the coarse community of steinwiesen once again invites you to the coarse enjoyment festival – games, competitions, encounters and culinary delicacies entice you – and at the end there is a coarse tap prank.

The enjoyment festival has established itself as an integral part of community life and will be held this year on saturday, 8. September, instead. "Fe zwaa to nochts", so from 2 p.M. Until late at night there will be "attractions and sensations" on the church and town hall square.