Christian martin leaves fc burk in summer

Christian martin leaves fc burk in summer

Having come with rough expectations, reality has taught us better: in the summer, the paths of the 1. FC burk and its coach christian martin separate again. At the start of training on tuesday, the coach informed those responsible and the team – at least those parts that are still there. "I came here in the summer under completely different conditions and am therefore deeply disappointed by the current situation. That’s why I have decided to take a new path for the coming season at the latest", says the 48-year-old. "I want to finish the season with burk properly, I’m not one to let the club and players down. On the other hand i have to say that it makes little sense at the moment."

Seven players are gone

That the second half of the season will be better than the dismal first half with only two points is not to be expected at the moment. During the winter, seven more players left the team – four from the first team, three from the reserve team. There are no newcomers. What remains is a rump squad of about twelve men. A race to catch up, which may even end with the class preservation, would be in view of this a medium miracle. "The first goal will be to keep the game going, the team will be a mix of first, reserve and old men", so martin.

The club is thus facing an uncertain future, the gang in the district class is hardly still to prevent. "We were very happy to continue with christian martin. In my opinion, he is the best coach we have ever had in burk", says FC head of department frank gareus, but knows that there are hardly any arguments for keeping last year’s TSV kirchehrenbach promotion coach. "I must apologize to him for what has happened to us in this half year. The coach can do the least for our sporting situation. His decision to try something new is absolutely understandable. We give him credit for the fact that he still wants to go through with this half year. That speaks for his character", says gareus.

The reasons for the burk crash are manifold, starting with the fact that high performers like sebastian raasch and johannes schmidt were not adequately replaced. In addition, there were group formations within the team, the team was never a real unit. The substructure of a U19 does not exist either. And in the winter, the signs of disintegration accelerated once again with the departures. "I, too, have made mistakes and do not want to dismiss the blame at all. Nevertheless, I am disappointed by some players mablos, because they have left us hanging. It’s frustrating," says, so gareus.

The head of the department now faces a difficult search for a successor – one who will dare to make a new start with burk, presumably in the district class. "There is no tendency in this direction yet", says gareus. However, the planning is already geared to the district league, even though it is theoretically still possible to keep the league.

For christian martin, on the other hand, it is at least clear that he wants to remain in the game as a coach. "I feel very comfortable here in the region", says the 48-year-old. Even the last half year with FC burk does not change this.

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