Closure of the construction site in weiher could be lifted in september

closure of the construction site in weiher could be lifted in september

On june 9, 2013, the nurnberg state construction office. On april, work began on widening state road 2240 in the weiher through-route. According to a press release from the authorities, the construction work is progressing very well, so that the tree inspection can be completed earlier than planned.

After the construction site in weiher was started at the beginning of april, the construction office is drawing a positive balance so far. The construction work is about six weeks ahead of schedule due to the optimal weather conditions, the excellent performance of the construction company and the optimization of the construction process. In the last four weeks, the north side of the new bus stop at the junction of markomanniaweg and staatsstrabe has been rebuilt and prepared to the extent that a bus shelter and bicycle parking area can be built by the municipality at a later date.

Supporting wall completed

For this reason, some flat areas were only provisionally fixed (gravel flat). The protective wall to the ramp facility has been completed and has already been backfilled, so that work on the actual staircase and ramp facility can begin here. The head beam is currently being erected on the retaining wall along the footpath and cycle path.

Subsequently, a facing shell will be concreted in front of the bored pile, which will still be provided with a larm-reducing wooden boarding. The southern bus stop between bachstrabe and gartenstrabe is currently being reconstructed.

Closed to through traffic

The state road will remain closed to through traffic until probably the end of september. Many motorists from the district of forchheim, which borders on weiher, will also be affected. The signposted detour routes are available. The local traffic (source, destination and internal traffic) as well as the regular traffic will be adapted to the respective construction phase and will be guided through the construction site partly on one lane with two-way traffic and partly with traffic lights.

Traffic lights installed in neunhof

The state construction office, the responsible authorities and the affected communities continue to be in regular contact to observe, determine and readjust the traffic effects. In a third assessment at the beginning of july, it was noted: on the official detour routes for the road closure in weiher, there are still – despite the increased traffic volume – no significant problems. Due to the long-term absence of school crossing guards, it was also necessary to set up a pedestrian crossing signal system on the southern detour route in nurnberg-neunhof.

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