Storm continues to damage wreck of “rena

Storm continues to damage wreck of

But the parts still held together. At least two more of the 900 or so containers still on board slipped into the water overnight.

Experts fear further pollution if the wreck of the 47,000-ton ship breaks completely. The "rena" disaster is the most serious environmental catastrophe that new zealand has ever experienced. High waves have been tossing the ship that crashed in october around for days. "It"s moving, but it"s not moving away from the reef," said the head of the salvage operation, drew shannon, on new zealand television. The shipwrecked ship has a heavy impact side.

Meteorologists do not foresee any improvement in the weather for the time being. The salvage work therefore had to be stopped days ago. One of the containers that slid open and the cargo of lamb meat slid into the sea. Dozens of spoiled pieces have been reeled in. Lifesavers on the beach helping to clean up the mess believe the unusually high number of sharks offshore is due to this, the bay of plenty times newspaper reported.

The "rena" hit a reef just 22 kilometers off tauranga in october. 360 tons of schwerol spilled into the sea before experts were able to pump the tanks largely empty. Some of the more than a thousand containers slid off the deck, others have since been hoisted off the wreck. More than 2,000 seabirds have died from oil pollution.

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