Faction leader fears burgers could get dizzy

The SPD city council faction is critical of the recent political debates in the city. Particularly in view of next year’s election for mayor, faction leader reiner buttner wanted "factual work and not a permanent election campaign". As a citizen, you can get "dizzy". Almost every topic in the city council "is staged as an apocalyptic problem by an alliance of tacticians and doomsayers". However, after the verbal blows against the city administration and the mayor had been dealt, "resolutions were passed almost unanimously".

The SPD parliamentary group is looking forward to entering the municipal election campaign with mayor uwe kirschstein. But now we have to worry about the construction sites in forchheim. According to buttner, this is because "the problems have not been named and dealt with for years and now the impression is being created that they have only recently arisen due to negligence.

Praise for the master plan

Example of the renovation backlog in the city’s properties: "it was caused because too little was done for decades in terms of building maintenance." The city administration had now worked out a master plan with the city council. Part of this is the consideration of which use should take place in which building. From the point of view of SPD city councilor anita kern, this is the right approach. "Only when the state of affairs is known, the right decisions can be made."

Or the topic of the jahn development: anyone who claims that we need to be much further ahead is ignoring "the fact that the building investor, the sports clubs, the neighbors, the district and the city are pursuing their own goals, says buttner "the building investor wanted to make money, the city wanted to create favorable housing, the jahn wanted to get out of debt and the neighbors didn’t want to have any problems with a development. When drawing up a development plan, it is therefore for good reasons that everyone has the chance to express concerns and suggestions".

The fact that neighbors are now speaking out is not a scandal, but standard procedure. "All those who find it too slow could only speed up the process by curtailing participation rights" – this is rejected by the deputy SPD faction chairman lisa hoffmann on behalf of the SPD city council faction.

Worse than the "constant norgeln" be "the tactics": agenda items were removed from the agenda and facts were ignored. The young theater forchheim, for example, has informed all faction chairmen that it is in favor of strengthening the kolpinghaus first of all by means that are reasonably simple and that it does not envisage a general remodeling until the town hall has been completed. Especially after the loss of the jahnhalle, the kolping hall is urgently needed. "Despite this knowledge, a majority of the city council insisted on including funds for the conversion in the budget as early as this year. The tacticians are not only working against social groups they supposedly support, but also against the interests of the city.", buttner is convinced.

SPD city councilor ute samel points out the growing number of school children. Schoolrooms were needed. "Why should they not be in the kolpinghaus close to the city center?" As a replacement for the jahnhalle and the kolpinghaus a new multifunctional city hall on the jahn training ground north of the konigsbad would be possible "a new signboard for the city of forchheim"

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