Female house asks museum about van gogh painting – and gets golden toilet

Female house asks museum about van gogh painting - and gets golden toilet

In an attempt to decorate the rooms of the white house with a high-quality art painting, the guggenheim museum has US president donald trump, according to the "washington post" a refusal – and offered him instead a golden toilet.

The new york museum actually has a fully functional toilet made of 18-carat gold: the "america the work by italian artist maurizio cattelan was on display for about a year starting in september 2016 and could also be used by visitors.

Request for van gogh paintings

The curator in charge of design at the weiben haus had asked the guggenheim if the painting "landscape in the snow" could be offered for sale of the dutch painter vincent van gogh was available on loan. The painting from 1888, however, would only go in "rare exceptions" on the road, quoted the washington post on thursday from the response of guggenheim curator nancy spector.

But the golden toilet is available "should the president and the first lady have an interest in installing it in the weiben haus", wrote spector in the september e-mail. The artist wanted to give it to the trumps as a "long-term loan" offer. "It’s obviously very valuable and somewhat fragile, but we’ve been able to provide all the instructions on installation and care.", hieb es.

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With "america aims cattelan (57) at the affluent society and luxury goods of a small group of wealthy. He alludes to excesses in the art market and the supposed american dream, in which even the richest remain connected to poorer segments of society through simple physical needs.

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