Escalation in erlangen: group beats up three young men

Escalation in erlangen: group beats up three young men

Group beats up three men: in erlangen (central franconia), a group of eight to ten beats up three young men. The incident occurred in the night from saturday to sunday (15. April 2018) in erlangen’s city center, police reported.

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the attackers attacked the 21- and 22-year-old men for the first time in engelstrabe. On the way towards martin-luther-square, the three victims were repeatedly attacked by individuals of the group. On martin-luther-square the situation escalated completely: the whole group beat the three young men without restraint. One of the victims, a 21-year-old, suffered minor facial injuries. The clothes of the three were considerably damaged.

Police ask for help from the public

The eight to ten-strong group then fled the scene of the crime. Erlangen police are now looking for witnesses who can provide information about the incident. Hints take the officers under 09131 / 760-114.

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