Children’s eyes shine in untermerzbach

Children's eyes shine in untermerzbach

Hubsch decorated booths saumen in untermerzbach the market place, the neubaustrabe and the bachgasse. The 14. Christmas market in the municipality in the itzgrund was opened on saturday by mayor helmut dietz (SPD). The flotengruppe untermerzbach (conducted by silvia schramm) created a pre-christmas mood.

A special market, as dietz said, one of burgers for burgers, one with products of local self-marketers, with articles and handicrafts of local associations. "Our streets have been transformed into a festive little budenstadt", so the burgermeister. The market is a meeting place for young and old with the magic of the stalls and the lights and christmas music.

A wide range of christmas articles was offered at 51 stands around the town hall. Shopping at the christmas market could also be a good thing, said the mayor, as some of the stalls offered goods, the proceeds of which were intended for needy people. Thinking of others and bringing them joy is the deeper meaning of christmas,the mayor reminded the audience. And he invited the children to take part in a painting competition, which this year was held under the motto "christmas baking" stands.

The trombone choir and later the gereuth brass band played christmas tunes. Children of the kindergarten memmelsdorf sang the song "in der weihnachtsbackerei" , to be followed by "let's be merry and bright"…" To get in the mood for the visit of nicholas. The latter looked in his thick book to see what was written there and recited it in rhyme, together with his companion "knecht ruprecht" (helmut dietz) to distribute presents to the children. Surrounded by many visitors to the christmas market, the children received the gifts from santa claus and his "communal helper" with glittering eyes against.

Postcard exhibition
Parallel to the christmas market, the burger center "komm" hosted a postcard exhibition by the district of lower franconia was held under the motto "looking at the cards of time. Also cards of a domestic collector were to be seen in it. The small animal breeding club had also invited to an exhibition, and in its rooms the market visitors could have a good time.

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