Strong children call: get lost!

Strong children call: get lost!

"Get lost!"At the beginning of july, the words resounded through the schoolhouse of the kitzingen-siedlung elementary school. The reason was not a loud quarrel among schoolchildren. After mediation by the district youth ring and the city youth welfare office, the bamberg social and theater pedagogue dirk bayer and his colleague were guests in the fourth classes with the theater play of the same name.

The content of the play, which complemented and rounded off the sexual education lessons in home and science classes, was the prevention of sexual abuse. According to bayer, the aim of the play is to remove the taboo surrounding sexual abuse, to show children how they can act and to make them strong. In the interactive play, which won the french police prevention prize in 2003, the action was repeatedly interrupted, so that the students could propose their own solutions and then test and implement them in the game, according to a press release .

Most important message for the children: pay attention to your "inner feeling. It tells you what is okay and what is not. In addition, the fourth-graders were given a series of tips on how to protect themselves in the event of a case. In addition, the tips were recorded on a poster, to which the schoolchildren added pictures.

In the run-up to the play, the team of actors informed interested parents about the play and their plans in the school classes. In addition, the parents’ evening included tips for educators on how to turn children into strong, self-confident and self-determined individuals who are better able to defend themselves against assaults.

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