“We are trying to change coburg!”

For some it was a summer sale feeling and for others a stumble in the crowd. Nevertheless, the 2. Coburg exchange day was once again a resounding success, according to the two co-organizers, monika abt and gaby schuller.

The hall in the children’s and youth center in the old angerturnhalle was full right at the beginning of the exchange day. Many visitors were on the lookout for things they could use. Kirsten rieger from triebsdorf had already delivered clothes, bedding, toys and other items the day before and was back on site in time for the opening of the exchange day on saturday. The wooden giraffe she finally traded for had already caught her eye on friday evening.

For an economic change

Why throw away something that others can still use?? Many coburg residents showed their willingness to give something to others at this exchange day, explain monika abt and gaby schuller. The other was pleased, and moreover, this action is a contribution to the prevention of gulls. The exchange market was better sorted than many a flea market, noted gabi schuller.

The organizers would like to thank the JUZ in particular for providing the rooms free of charge and the CEB, whose employees lent a helping hand. Coburg services, according to gaby schuller, had agreed to pick up the leftover items. But the experience had shown that this was limited. "We are pleased about the people’s joy", said monika abt. What is too good to be thrown away was put to good use. Transition coburg is an initiative that actively supports ecological, social and economic change. "We are trying to change coburg through many activities", according to monika abt. Of the

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