Destroyed election posters: new in the kulmbach case

Destroyed election posters: new in the kulmbach case

The destruction frenzy in the federal election campaign is as crude as never before. The parties observe that their posters are torn down, stolen or covered in graffiti. Gladly also the hitler beard on the choice advertisement of the political opponent comes to the employment. The brutalization of language and political debate on the internet is also reflected in the punishment for damage to property.

Charges usually without consequences

Charges against unknown persons usually lead nowhere. In germany, vandals who have run riot on election posters are rarely punished. In kulmbach it could be different – here the police is investigating against a group of suspects. The case is about to be cleared up.

In august, there was an uproar in kulmbach over the destruction of CSU and afd election posters. The affair also took on a political dimension because the CSU district chairman and the young socialists got into a fight. The jusos defended themselves against speculation that they had been involved in the destruction of the posters. In turn, mayor henry schramm rejected accusations against his person and clarified the differences with the kulmbach SPD party leadership.

The fact is: in the night of 12. To 13. August 90 afd posters were torn up or torn down. The party filed a complaint, as did the CSU’s constituency office, because their election advertising in the city had been almost completely stolen or damaged. "We assume that here systematically, organized and purposefully against the CSU is proceeded", said electoral district secretary susanne kraus at the time.

Crucial clue

She was apparently correct in her assumption. As BR has learned from informed sources, the culprits are well known. They are said to have confessed to their deeds in an internet chat. This speech had provided the decisive clue.

The police prasidium of upper franconia confirmed on request that the department for state security is investigating six suspects from the area of kulmbach for damage to property. The police got on their trail thanks to information from witnesses. They are blamed for the destruction of the 90 afd posters.

Also responsible for destroyed CSU posters?

Obviously, the accused could also be responsible for the damage to the CSU posters. Here the police does not want to commit itself however yet. Further questioning is necessary, it said.

According to information from a reliable source, the suspects belong to the left-wing extremist spectrum. The police did not comment on the matter, referring to the ongoing investigations, but it is safe to assume that they did so.

"If the police have six suspects in their sights, then it is also officially certain that none of the jusos did it. Because none of us is under investigation", said the chairman of the kulmbach juso, julian seiferth. He went on to say: "my attitude to the incidents is unchanged: we condemn such things. You can fight politically, but only within the framework of the rule of law."

CSU district chairman henry schramm said of the new situation: "the whole thing is being handled by the police. I have confidence in the police and will not participate in speculations."

The afd district chairman georg hock could not be reached for a statement on friday.

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