Ancillary copyright

The new law passed by the. March 2013 has led to considerable legal uncertainty among users of social networks, bloggers and operators of websites. The media group of upper franconia therefore also considers it necessary to take a clear position here:

links to our online content and short text excerpts, so-called snippets, from our publications continue to be permitted and are even in our interest. No special permission is required from the publisher, and there are no costs involved either. As a guideline, it is permissible, for example, to use the headline of the article together with the text or a comparable text length.

The limit of this permission is reached – as it is already the case – when someone without our consent uses whole articles or substantial parts of texts or articles for advertising purposes. Complete customer advertisements from our offer ubernimmt and with it possibly even money earned. We would also like to be asked for permission if someone uses our content for advertising purposes.

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