Before the start: residents reject kitzingen youth center site

Before the start: residents reject kitzingen youth center site

Criticism comes too late: too late for the planned "house for youth and family" at the jahnstrabe site in kitzingen to be prevented, but still in time for improvements to be made. 24 residents of jahnstrabe and talstrabe recently wrote a letter to the city administration and city council opposing the construction of a new youth center on the open space next to the florian geyer hall. The concerns raised culminate in the statement that the letter writers consider the site unsuitable.

The house for youth and family has long been longed for by the young people of kitzingen. The domicile of the city youth work, jungstil, in the burgerzentrum in the old town, they have already had to vacate two and a half years ago and have since been temporarily housed in the district center siedlung.

City has planned for a long time

The city is taking just as long to plan the new youth center, which will also offer services for families. Precisely because the facility is important to the city administration and the city council, they wanted to make it especially good. An architectural competition was to produce the optimal solution.

In the run-up to the project, there was a struggle to find the best location. After the bleichwasen fell through, the city council majority agreed on the site next to the florian geyer hall. Major advantages: the central location in the city and a huge open space, which is largely preserved for playing and other activities.

The project was preceded by years of evaluation and planning. But now, before the construction process enters the home stretch, the residents in jahnstrabe and talstrabe are speaking out vehemently. They criticize that the site is fundamentally unsuitable, fearing larval pollution from events and additional traffic, a deterioration of the microclimate and biodiversity, and problems with precipitation water.

Thus, the letter authors speculate that the sealing of the flat could cause flooding at the ratherieder muhlbach and in the canals. The future neighbors of the youth center are also concerned about the old trees, should they fall victim to the construction work. In the end, they emphasized the need for a youth center, but preferred to see it realized in an existing old property.

Intense discussion in the committee

The topic was so important to the city council’s building committee at its most recent meeting that it discussed it in detail on an ad hoc basis. Mayor stefan guntner emphasized with regard to the late word of the 24 residents that the project had a long history in which the different points of view had been weighed up: "none of this was secret." He is convinced that it will be a good building with sensible environmental planning. Nevertheless, the residents’ letter will be discussed in detail in november. In the course of the building process many suggestions could be taken into consideration.

Manfred paul (SPD) asked that the residents be heard during the search for a site. The city administration should take this into account in the next project. Klaus christof (KIK) sounded the same horn: the city should act as a "service company" make people listen and strive for a common outcome. Timo markert (CSU) also found: "a burgers’ meeting would have been good."

Stephan kuntzer (CSU), who has been intensively involved in the issue as a youth officer, recalled many visits and discussions in which many interests had been taken into account. It was therefore also the duty of the burghers to inform themselves. The city must listen to all opinions, but democracy also means that the majority decides in the end.

Jens pauluhn (odp) found citizen participation "good and important", emphasized, however, that sometimes the interests of individuals are opposed to the well-being of the general public. Then it is the task of the city council to take everyone seriously, but in the end also to reject them. "Otherwise there will be an opponent to every project and it will be brought down."

Mayor guntner sees many misunderstandings

Klaus sanzenbacher (grune) addressed the residents’ substantive demands: cisterns could be installed for drainage, and the preservation of the old trees would be taken into account anyway. Gertrud schwab (CSU) commented on the neighbors’ concerns: the new building itself acts as a barrier between the residential buildings on the one hand and the soccer field and florian geyer hall on the other.

At the end of the meeting, the mayor summarized that the concerns of the residents had been dealt with in detail during the procedure. However, he sees many misunderstandings in the four-page letter that need to be clarified. Guntner: "it doesn’t hit the nail on the head."

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