Oerlenbach women miss a foul play

Oerlenbach women miss a foul play

TV schwabach – SG oerlenbach/ebenhausen 55:54 (23:34) – a pity. That’s how close the SG women’s basketball team came to winning their first bavarian league game. And that despite the fact that the team from lower franconia was based on michelle curtis, jana katzenberger, eva kohler, julia hemmerich and judith streck had to do without. "This also meant that we sometimes lacked the experience", said coach chris maier, who nevertheless saw a lot of good in his team. Nervous start gave schwabach a 6:0 lead. "In a time-out i changed twice and tried to get the players to concentrate appeals", maier reported on simple but effective remedies. From then on, things went well for the guests, who won the first quarter 21:15. Even after that, there was intensive defense under the basket, so that the opponent had more than seven minutes no points are scored.

"We wanted to continue to play at a high level with the changeover to a zone press we had to go at a fast pace, but that didn’t work", maier described the break in the SG game. Schwabach scored 24 points in the third period – more than in the entire first half helped. "That was a typical third quarter of us, where concentration and voting we went too fast and allowed too many easy points", maier was annoyed over the 39:47 deficit.

But thanks again to won aggressiveness comeback qualities: 20 seconds before the end was the backlog only one point. "Then we tried to stop the clock with a tactical foul, which but we did not succeed", maier described the final upsets. But schwabach also showed nerves, lost the ball five seconds before the end of the game. The 29-point team, which was the barbel gunreben passed to sarah curtis, but she couldn’t get the difficult three through the reuse brought.
Points for SGO: barbel gunreben (29/3), sarah curtis (9/1), sara ludwig (6), astrid christ (4), christina seidl (2), miriam pfaff (2), courtney curtis (2).

TG wurzburg III – SG oerlenbach/ebenhausen II 74:36 (39:17) – nothing to gain against the league favorites for the second team of the joint venture. Which was due to the strong opponent as well as the auberen surrounded lay. "We were physically and mentally too weak to fight against the security breach strong wurzburgers to keep up", said trainer michelle curtis. Part of the team had already played the day before in the bavarian league teams of the ladies and U-15, another part had played for TSV ebenhausen fubball played – and there won the title in the recreational league.
Points for the SGO: lea bonfigt (7), katja herterich (6), elisa lutz (4), martina rauh (3), courtney curtis (3), angelina fischer (3), christina seidl (3), saskia curtis (2), marina erhard (2), katrin weingart (2), sarah curtis (1).

TV marktheidenfeld II – SG oerlenbach/ebenhausen 70:58 (24:27) – although it started with only a rump squad, it looked for a long time it looked very good for the brave little bunch of SG-basketball players, who at the break in marktheidenfeld even led by a narrow margin. Only the dwindling powers prevented the first win of the season in the district league.
Points for the SGO: andreas mann (15/1), patrick seufert (14/1), randy hannwacker (13/2), ivan kakus (8), kevin fischer (5/1), andre komenda (3).

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