Untermerzbacher csu always played a special role

Untermerzbacher csu always played a special role

The struggle for the foundation of the district in the course of the territorial reform sounded on its periphery on saturday evening: "untermerzbach is not a municipality like any other and neither is the CSU local association. What they have done has also helped lower franconia and they have become an important bastion for us in the east." This emphasized secretary of state a.D. Dr. Albert meyer as keynote speaker at the 40th. Jubilee of the CSU local association in the reisenweber hall.

At that time, smart burghers had established local associations everywhere, and in untermerzbach, the CSU had done the groundwork. 21 citizens were at the founding meeting, of which 19 became members. Erich grell was elected chairman of the board, and fritz muller and friedrich hohn his deputies.

Important bastion in the east
Meyer spoke of a turbulent time due to the territorial reform, which had been drastic and had also led to unrest among the population. But without doubt it was urgently needed.

He recalled the plan to abolish the counties of habfurt, ebern and hofheim altogether and add them to the major cities. This had to the "collar counties" coburg, schweinfurt and bamberg led. The interest in itzgrund in coburg had been rough. For a powerful "country-the district of habberge had also needed the surrounding area of ebern.

The CSU politician recalled the many speeches also at dr. Liebig in the living room to ensure a stay with unterfranken. The then chairman erich grell had also been in favor of staying and eventually the mood for it had also come through in the population. "That was an obligation for me to come again and again to this local association to untermerzbach and I was here as often as in no other place", admitted albert meyer.

Entertaining review
The chronicle highlights of the local association were loosely presented by dieter reisenweber and sandra schramm, remembering the founding members. But even before that, there had been strong political representatives from untermerzbach in the form of gustav wolfel as CSU district chairman and member of the state parliament, and edgar gunsenheimer, who had already been elected to the ebern district council in 1956.

When no one had thought of a women's quota yet, christina was goerres-schilling first woman elected to local board in 1975. An important milestone was reached in april 1979 with the application to leave the VG ebern. But not until the 1. January 1994, after years of effort, this was achieved.

Former chairman ewald baetz had once smilingly named the reason why the 1800-inhabitant limit had been exceeded for the VG exit. "The opening of the senior citizens' residence in gleusdorf and the approval of a home for asylum seekers in memmelsdorf."

So far five chairmen
The chroniclers highlighted the focus of the work under the chairmen erich grell (1973-1989), ewald baetz (1989-1997), klaus wagner (1997-2003), johannes scharf (2003-2005) and birgit finzel (2005-present). Since march 1978, the local association has elected four councillors, and in 1995 an open list was introduced for the municipal elections. Since that time, the CSU/burgergemeinschaft has been open to everyone.

About "local politics spoke deputy CSU district chairman and district council candidate wilhelm schneider from maroldsweisach. "The grassroots work is done in the local associations, and that's where local politics are anchored. There, you learn politics from the bottom up and are thus naturally directly on the people's ear."

Studies in the county association
Wilhelm schneider described the untermerzbach CSU local association as "a pillar in the habberge district association and in your community. You have helped shape the community and many successful local politicians have emerged from the local association." Chairwoman birgit finzel played a major role in motivating and pulling others along.

Mdb dorothee bar also spoke of great volunteer work. In view of the upcoming elections, they took a stand on the right to vote. "It is not a matter of course that we always advertise. We need a defensible democracy. But 40 percent of citizens have not yet decided whether to vote, and we must convince them of our excellent program."

Praise from the SPD-mayor
Mayor helmut dietz (SPD) spoke of the CSU jubilee as a "success story of the CSU, which is closely linked to the success of the community". He felt well served in lower franconia, even if you are in the intermunicipal area naturally also cooperates with upper franconian communities.

Further keynote speeches were given by district administrator and district council candidate thomas habermann, pastor sonja von aschen, hermann suckert on behalf of the local associations and representatives of the local associations from ebern and maroldsweisach.

In the entertaining part the cabaret artist "merlacher schmied" received, the "three tenors from neubrunn and the blaser group the "gereuther frankische thunderous applause for their performances.

For their many years of loyalty to the party were awarded:

15 years helmut kneuer

30 years walter preacher and werner barthelmann

40 years of ewald gunsenheimer and ewald baetz.

Honorary membership erwin bohla received a special award for his many years as treasurer and member of the local executive committee. He was appointed honorary member. The same award was given to. Albert meyer as "obstetrician") of the CSU local association.

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