Beware of cheaters

In the last five days, there have again been numerous calls from alleged police officers throughout central franconia. The "EKO 110" investigative commission expects more calls throughout central franconia in the next few days and gives behavioral tips again.

In all calls, according to a well-known pattern, it was pretended that burglars had been arrested, and that slips of paper with the address of the called persons had been found on them. That is why their money and jewelry should be temporarily taken away by police officers for security purposes. In central franconia, about 50 such calls have been reported in the last four days.

In one case, a nurnberg senior citizen handed over several thousand euros in cash to alleged police officers. In this context, the police once again issue an urgent warning against criminals who exploit the trust that citizens place in the police in order to obtain data or money from mainly elderly people.

The perpetrators usually use the information they receive to prepare trick thefts and burglaries or to collect cash. In this context, the police offer the following tips on how to behave: ? Always ask for the name and the office of the supposed police officer when you receive a call from them. Write down the number of the caller. ? The police will never contact you via the emergency number 110. Be suspicious when such fantasy numbers appear in the display. ? Note also that it is now possible for offenders to have the real numbers of police stations shown on the telephone display. ? If you have any doubts about being called by a real police officer, call back to the mentioned office. However, you should always look for the telephone number yourself. ? As a matter of principle, do not give out any confidential information on the phone. This applies in particular to information about financial circumstances or the location of jewelry and cash. ? Never deposit cash or valuables outside your home if you are asked to do so on the phone by alleged police officers. ? If necessary, involve a person of your confidence. ? Inform your elderly relatives about the type of scam described above and report suspected calls to the police immediately.

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