Three times three points for the anna festival

Three times three points for the anna festival

The mab tasted really good at the annafest, but of course only to the hosts from spvgg jahn forchheim, who on saturday had decided the open fubball-bayernliga-duel with ASV neumarkt narrowly and, due to a penalty, somewhat luckily with 1:0 for themselves. The people of oberpfalz, however, love to cancel their planned visit to kellerwald. "We had three rough chances before the penalty whistle, but couldn't take advantage of them", explained guest coach erich hock visibly annoyed. To make matters worse, ASV player andreas endlein shot over the goal from close range in the final phase of the game. "A draw would have been possible", stressed hock, who has gone in search of a goal scorer, because already in the first two games of the still young season his team did not use even the clearest chances.

Spvgg jahn forchheim – ASV neumarkt 1:0

Third game, third win and the lead in the standings – what more could you want from spvgg jahn forchheim, who got off to a mab start to the season?? Against the competitor from the upper palatinate, the spectators saw an average game, which was to be expected with the high temperatures. Kaufmann on the forchheim side and jasarevic for the guests had the first opportunities of the game. Shortly afterwards, neumarkt's nomer shot at jahn keeper beck from close range and missed the opening goal.
This turned out to be the case in the 32. Minute: after a throw-in by bauernschmitt, graine was fouled in the penalty area, which was immediately indicated by the linesman, and clausnitzer converted the penalty kick unstoppably. A free kick by selmani and a shot by list put the guest keeper in the middle of the action, but he was on the post.
Not too much happened in the second half of the game. After an hour of play, but then ulbricht had the 2-0 on the fub after advance work of graine, but he failed to the gas keeper. In the follow-up ulbricht got the ball again and shot it into the goal, but the referee called foul play. A shot against the post by list and a free kick by petzold were the other highlights of the second half. Endlein missed the oberpfalz team's best chance to equalize in injury time, but he shot over the goal from a promising position.
So it remained with the hard-fought success of the jahnler, which can now go without pressure into the next game on friday at 7 pm at the spvgg SV weiden.

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