Kitzingen and buchbrunn are in agreement

Kitzingen and buchbrunn are in agreement

With only minor changes, the special-purpose agreement between the municipality of buchbrunn and the city of kitzingen on the discharge of wastewater into the kitzingen sewage treatment plant is off the table. In purely formal terms, the city council still has to give its approval.

The deal was preceded by months of tough negotiations. Mayor siegfried muller and his experts even took part in a meeting of the municipal council in the spring in order to dispel concerns. Besides mayor hermann queck, the entire council breathed a sigh of relief. The extent to which the municipality participates in the clarification plant and the maximum amount of wastewater and pollutant load that may be discharged are now regulated without any financial consequences.

The city undertakes to provide, within the limits of its possibilities, additional required population values. In return, the municipality of buchbrunn undertakes – also within the scope of its possibilities – to ensure that unauthorized discharges do not recur.

The rough calculation of the number of inhabitants has been particularly controversial lately. It expresses in one number the number of inhabitants and the maximum permissible pollution load. This figure is a basis for the cost calculation. The community shares in investment and operating costs. All previous settlements are accepted by the municipality. Because of the lower population value now set, buchbrunn expects a partial refund of payments already made.

Other topics

– mayor queck passed on the building documents for the construction of a daycare center with twelve places at the evangelischer kindergarten to the district administration office in an urgent decision. The background: the nursery demand program prescribes the completion of the construction projects by 31. December 2017. The next day, queck was informed that this date had been postponed by one year to 2018. The application deadline of 31. December 2016, however, remained unchanged.

– in the garten building area, the community council approved further exceptions for those wishing to build and gave its consent to changes to the excavation height of 0.5 meters noted in the development plan for the property at wiesenstrabe 8, to exceeding the wall height by 0.35 meters, and to exceeding the construction window.

– of the 14 building sites in the garten development area, six are currently sold and two others reserved. The guidelines for the allocation of building sites according to the native model remained unchanged.

– the municipality wants to set up public hotspots with free access to the internet using the free state’s demand program. The operating costs currently amount to around 55 euros per month. Because of too many unanswered questions, the council decided, with four votes against, not to pursue the project any further for the time being.

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