Serious accusations against mollath’s ex-wife

Serious accusations against mollath's ex-wife

The gustl mollath affair is far from over. Legal wrangling continues after his release from psychiatric hospital. Now its lawyers have the floor. In august, the mollaths reported their ex-wife to the public prosecutor's office for procedural fraud. The spokeswoman for the public prosecutor's office in nurnberg-furth, antje gabriels-gorsolke, confirmed that the public prosecutor's office is investigating mollath's former wife. It is about the accusations of fraud and embezzlement.

What exactly are the accusations based on?? In 2008, gustl mollath had already sued his ex-wife petra for information and damages. He wanted to get hold of his personal belongings, which were located in the house they shared in nurnberg-erlenstegen before he was admitted to the psychiatric hospital. No reichtumer, but such important things as personal documents, identification papers, testimonials. At the time, his ex-wife had her lawyer say that no valuables had been removed from the house. At that time, the house had already been foreclosed on, and mollath himself had been in a psychiatric ward for two years.His application for legal aid at the time – mollath wanted to obtain the surrender of his personal belongings – was rejected by the competent judge after his ex-wife's testimony, who pointed out that there was little chance of success.

In the meantime, the former wife presents the facts a little differently. She repeatedly told the press that she still kept parts of her ex-husband's personal belongings. The woman even allowed a hamburger news magazine to photograph mollath's belongings, which were in two boxes. In addition to certificates and documents, mollath's driver's license and an ID card that had expired in the meantime were apparently also part of the settlement. A picture of his mother is also said to be in the documents.
After seven years of forced placement in a psychiatric hospital, gustl mollath stands by his statement that he has no documents from the time he was placed there.

The spokeswoman for the public prosecutor's office confirms that the relevant civil files in the matter have now been consulted. However, a statement by the defendant is not yet available at this time. It remains to be seen. The offences covered by the complaint are in no way statute-barred.

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