Advertising brochure from 1926 presents staffelstein

advertising brochure from 1926 presents staffelstein

Of course, it's all still there. The town hall, the town tower, banz monastery and the basilica of fourteen saints. And the staffelberg is also still in town. So everything is the same as it was in 1926?

A flyer with six DIN A5 pages from the staffelstein traffic and preservation association advertises the region – and although it was almost 90 years ago, it doesn't even read that antique. "Staffelstein, old, picturesque frankenstadtchen in the scenic surroundings, birthplace of the famous rechenmeister adam riese, still holds within its walls many a beautiful ancient building and many a charming corner."

Yes, you might say that today – and the antique paper is not unfashionable in another respect either: it contains advertising. And then you realize: things have changed in the village, although many things still exist. Like the "green tree for example, that it is the "first and most efficient house on the site" recommends. With "foreigners' rooms and car showrooms. Also in other respects the house was already modern. There was a phone line whose number supported the claim. It was number 1, unlike the "zur post" inn, for example, which could be reached under the number 5.

But while you can see the "green tree" in the bamberger strabe is still easy to find today, one does with the "post" heavier. Because there are no names of strabs in the displays. At least there was a "nice shady garden, glass veranda and electric light".

A failure of the designers? No, says city archivist adelheid waschka: "there were no street names back then, they were only introduced later during the nazi era." Until then, the houses simply wore numbers, for example up to the number 280.

In the "post office today is the guesthouse "treibhaus it is located at the end of bahnhofstrabe almost at the station. Adelheid waschka weib also had other advertisements to report: heinrich flieger's wine and beer business, which among other things had its "own butcher's shop with machines and motor operation" the house number 238, today's barengasse 4, was used for advertising.

Also the brewery and restaurant "zum staffelberg still exists: it is located behind the fashion house dinkel in horsdorfer strabe. At that time it was advertised as a "coarse glass hall with piano and bowling alley. Tourism was certainly a topic in staffelstein. Waschka estimates the number of beds at that time in the town and surrounding area at around 400.

What has disappeared, however, is the house on the market square where pankraz berbig sold his "fine meat and sausage products" offered, a "motor operation, as the owner proudly likes to note. Here stands today the raiffeisen-volksbank.

Little is known, however, about the association that published the paper. In fact, it is only the second indication of its activities that the city has. "In 1910, he made an appearance when he cleared out ivo hennemann's hermit's hermitage on the staffelberg, renovated it, and moved the objects to the former hospital, which at the time housed the town museum."

The house is still standing, somewhat run down and uninhabited on the other side of the louder opposite the "green tree.

The town will probably not have been a member, suspects waschka: "at any rate, i have found no evidence of this in town records." In the course of the "gleichschaltung" among the national socialists the association had presumably been dissolved.

Across the borders
At least, that's how far they went back then: they looked beyond the town's borders to get publicity for the leaflet: the rough ad came from coburger hofbrau, and a factory for club flags, table banners and badges in metal and enamel also pointed out its existence, and two lichtenfels businesses also took advantage of bad staffelstein's prominence: the hotel anker and the cafe zentral.

And those who did not like it in staffelstein could look around for alternatives. In the lloyd travel agency haebler& hulbig, coburg. "All tickets and booklets of tickets without surcharge", there they promised the customers. And a "free information".

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