Unpleasant surprise during pipeline construction in ludwigsstadt

Unpleasant surprise during pipeline construction in ludwigsstadt

Actually, only the water main in the muhlgasse/am hugel area was to be renewed. However, it became apparent – according to the head of the building yard, claus lindig – that the sewer was in an "appalling condition" and the pipe is completely dilapidated due to the low installation depth. "The canal has collapsed. The water is ten centimeters high, lindig made it clear that there was no alternative to replacing the channel. Hereby the RK-pipeline construction kirchhasel at the price of approximately 43000 euro gross was assigned. The piping company was also awarded the contract for the water pipeline construction work at a gross bid price of around 145,000 euros.

Costing a total of 300,000 euros

After completion of the pipe laying, the roadway will also be renewed. The subsequent road construction with the renewal of the asphalt surface with round stones will be carried out by the company STW eliasbrunn, which had submitted the most favorable offer with about 82,000 euros gross. All in all, the gross cost of the fuel reduction is around 300,000 euros.

"Further need for action"

Only the cost of the water main will be subsidized. For this, according to the claim guidelines rzwas there is a claim of 40 percent. "Here you can see how a planned, manageable decrease quickly turns into a need for further action, for which a lot of money has to be spent by the city", ludwigsstadt’s mayor timo ehrhardt (SPD) made this clear when he visited the site together with the head of the city’s public works department, frank ziener, to get an overview of the damage situation.
However, the head of the city was sure that the renovation of the two streets would also further improve the quality of stay in the center of ludwigsstadt.

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