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He is back: on 10. May bulent ceylan will perform with his current show in bamberg. The comedian likes to find out in advance what the audience can expect.

You are currently on tour with your latest comedy program. How did you become lassmalache? Roughly describe?
Bulent ceylan: the program is definitely very up-to-date. It has become a bit more political but not so heavy that you think: "oh dear, what is this??". So, a political cabaret it is not. There are different topics and one of the highlights is definitely the self-help group of putin, trump, erdogan and kim jong un. I just make them laugh at each other and think about how dictators laugh. Of course, that's hard to explain over the phone (laughs). That's why I always say when someone asks what "lassmalache" is is: hey just come by.

Of course, such characters as harald, hassan, mompfreed and anneliese, which I have always had in the program, are also there. But many stories are new. The stage design is completely new and looks a bit like a circus. It's going well. The people in the audience have really spoiled me since the previews. So you must have enjoyed it quite a bit (laughs). Personally, I think it is my best live program of all. But in the end it's up to the audience to decide.

They have been here in the past with other programs. What do you like about bamberg?
What I like about "bamberch like it? Well, I like the franken per se. They go down well and like to roll the "R". They don"t say "turke but "turrke and "erroddish" (laughs). These are words that I have memorized.

Actually, i don"t see much of the cities i play in, because most of the time we go there, perform and leave the next day in the morning. One city i"ve actually seen more of is erlangen, because i used to perform there on the "fifty-fifty" theater stage occurred. We were there for several days and I was able to see something of the city. From bamberg directly I have unfortunately not seen so much.

Do you remember the audience in bamberg??
The audience is brutal. It always went really well.

Would you rather play in a city where you have already played, or in front of a completely new audience??
You can"t say that. The audience is always changing anyway. So you can play two days in a row in one city and you realize, it"s completely different: the atmosphere, everything. That"s why I don"t really care. Of course I"m happy when the audience has been to an old program and comes to the new one because they like it. That is in any case already. But I"m also happy about all the people who say: "okay, I"ll take a look at it. Let"s see if it"s really as good as people say"(laughs).

What is the best thing about your job as a comedian??
Making people laugh is a passion for me. I love that. As a child I always said: when the other people laugh, I don't have to laugh so much. Well, I think that's already in me. I just love it when people laugh.

Are there also dark sides to your profession??
The dark side of comedy? That's when people don't laugh or the joke doesn't work the way you thought it would. But thank god I have enough of them, so that the people have sometimes not even noticed when a joke has not rounded.

But of course I am someone who wants to rock the thing. It should be entertaining, at least in terms of feeling. There I am already perfectionist. I just want it to be good, I always work hard and I'm always self-critical. But of course there are also moments when it doesn't work out that way. Then I had to work on it. But that's normal and just like in any other profession.

A few weeks ago, your new film "fuck off, snow white" was released approached. What awaits moviegoers?
In any case, a funny comedy film, which is also connected with one or the other emotion. That's not so often the case with german comedy films, I think. It was important to me that there are emotions in the film. But of course people are supposed to laugh. It's about a guy who wants to be a rock star but works in a turkish hamam and can't quite make it. He's actually a loser, and at first people suffer a bit with him and then hope: "now you"ll make it, now you"ll make it!"

And this later rockstar they play?
Yes, exactly. Somewhere it all has a bit of my real life in it. Of course, I also had to work hard to get a breakthrough. I've been doing comedy for 20 years and it's taken me ten of those years to break through. It's been a long road.

You can not now compare one to one with the film, but so a little bit already. You have obstacles and it's not that easy. You want to get to the top and you have to work hard for it. That's what the film shows and it's incredibly fun to watch, I think. Well, I've already seen it and I was able to look at myself. And that's good (laughs).

One last question: how do you get your hair so smooth??
The question is asked me really often. In the end you need good hair and you can't wash it every day.

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