The dice are cast

The dice are cast

BRK district manager harald erhard lost his job yesterday. Because his child got sick and he couldn't find a caregiver, and because he couldn't go to work because of it. Fortunately, all this happened only in the game. Erhard doesn't have any children of his own and is more of an employer, but he was able to feel what it's like for employees who spend their mornings worrying about their children and parents in need of care and yet still have to manage the feat of getting to work on time – if everything goes smoothly.
Harald erhard, district administrator tamara bischof, matthias tilgner, head of the kitzingen branch of the savings bank, entrepreneur beate etzelmuller from wiedenmann ropes, and kitzingen city councilor and youth officer hiltrud stocker experienced in a playful way the difficulties that arise in the critical period between six o'clock and eight o'clock.30 o'clock in families can occur.

Living pawns

In the context of the action day of the local alliance for family, these five well-known persons acted as living play figures on an oversized playing field on the pavement in front of the city hall. Assume the following case: you have two children and a parent in need of care to look after alone in the morning because your partner is away on a business trip. Everything must be managed after getting up in such a way that the player is on time at 8 a.M.30 o'clock in the office is.
Kerstin betz, head of the department of social affairs, family, youth and seniors, and simone gobel, regional management kitzinger land, had drawn a kind of game of life with white, red and green little boxes. It was thrown in turn. The luck of the dice decided and represented the coincidence that exists in real life.

Thrown back in the timetable

If the player landed on a red square, it threw him back in the schedule. He drew an event card, so to speak. In the game, for example, matthias tilgner was confronted with the fact that his mother, who was in need of care, had cleaned out the winding machine and broken a plate in the process. Beate etzelmuller had to cut up an entire plate full of fruit for the kindergarten. Other examples that can almost make you despair: the daughter blocks the bathroom, the bus drives away from the schoolchild in front of the nose, he has to be driven to school, the lunch for kindergarten was forgotten.
Green fields meant saving time: an example: the breakfast table had already been set the night before.
Dice roll after dice roll, the player headed for the goal. Some passers-by looked on. During the three quarters of an hour of play, the circle of spectators gradually became somewhat rougher. There were some difficulties in the course of the game itself. It had to be interrupted when delivery vehicles passed the fubganger zone.
The landlady was the first to arrive. This was followed by beate etzelmuller, hiltrud stocker and matthias tilgner. Their employers had been tolerant and family-friendly when it came to finding a caregiver for the sick child. Either they could work in the afternoon or from home or there was another solution. Only harald erhard's fictitious boss was not interested in the family problems of his employee. That was the end of the game for him.
This does not apply to the action. Those who were paying attention were given a few tips on how to balance family and career. Further advice and information is available from the coordinators of the local family alliance, kerstin betz and simone gobel.

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