He is back home

He is back home

For the believers of the church congregations of hetzelsdorf and wannbach, it is certainly both surprising and joyful news that for the 1. August again a pastor comes to hetzelsdorf. The future chaplain heibt matthias haag. Born in schweinfurt in 1958, haag studied theology in erlangen and marburg and completed his vicarage in baiersdorf. He is married. He experienced the border opening in neustadt bei coburg, the first self-responsible position in laufach im spessart.
Between 1998 and 2010, haag worked in the social hotspot of a district of erlangen, practicing ecumenism in the broadest sense in cooperation with christian, jewish and islamic communities. "What is important to me beyond communicating to others??", haag asked himself. To find out, he took a two-year sabbatical, took a leave of absence and went to israel.
As a personnel officer, he found his place in nes ammim, an institution of christian-jewish reward. She supports dialogue between arab and jewish israelis and the palastinians. "During this time i got to know israel as a beautiful country. I have seen how religion gives people their identity, trims them down, but also separates them. I track the latent threat in the country and the invaluable value of peace." After this intense experience, matthias haag wants to return to his familiar cultural circle as a pastor. Pastor gottfried loblein retires in november hetzelsdorf.

His wife "spied on the spot

Regional bishop dorothea greiner gave a short "radio message to israel. At the end of february, matthias haag sent his wife ulrike to faraway germany as a "spy" to hetzelsdorf. First contacts were made. "If your husband brings half the quality of his wife, the pastorate is well filled" church board member georg hostalka and his comrades-in-arms were already enthusiastic about this. Ulrike haag sent pictures to her husband in israel, describing her feelings. "There I apply", was his quick decision. The church board members were equally unanimous in their decision. Haag is welcomed with open arms in hetzelsdorf.
Haag seems lively. Immersion in one's own culture and a tasty french snack are good things, too. Getting more serious again, haag emphasizes that he is again looking for the classic task of the pastor, church services, teaching, pastoral care, living rituals that accompany life. As little bureaucracy as possible. Hostalka took this opportunity to mention the problem of finding a pastor for regions with a weak infrastructure, such as hetzelsdorf, where people have to drive to the valley to hagenbach to the butcher or baker even for basic foodstuffs.
A phenomenon that represents a handicap for large parts of upper franconia. The future pastor will initially move into an interim apartment in the parish area. Because the lindane contamination in the parsonage opposite the st. Matthaus church exceeds the permitted limits by a thousandfold.
The roof with the top beam will probably have to be renewed during the renovation already underway. One and a half years are expected to go by. Matthias haag takes it easy and is simply excited about his new task. Visions? "I have that, but first I wanted to get to know the reality", he says. "A hammerschone church", it escapes the future pastor during a short final walk through the town. Matthaus church in hetzelsdorf, his future place of work. The plans in hetzelsdorf are also already very concrete.
The inauguration of matthias haag in hetzelsdorf will take place on sunday, 29. July, at 14.30 o'clock. On 4. May but it goes for haag but again to israel.

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