A paradise for insects

A paradise for insects

Bernhard panzer sometimes, as a thoughtful rainer aumeier notes, "i’m almost a little sorry i didn’t come up with the idea 20 years ago.". For a long time now, the land behind the middle school building has been lying fallow. Up to now, the players have simply been selected – and that’s it. "No one needs a turf surface like this", says aumeier.

Now, however, things are changing: three areas with a total of about one thousand square meters are now being landscaped in an ecologically sensible way. The first area was sown with different wildflower seeds on tuesday. The so-called seeding area will be followed by a planting area and a fallow area.

Hype comes just in time

For the middle school teacher who is carrying out the environmental project with class 9M, the current hype about nature has come at just the right time. After the referendum on saving bees, natural meadows are popping up and projects are being started everywhere. The current flowering area between the middle school and the high school also fits in here. A little further away in the weihersbach area, a similar project was started recently on earth day, and right next to the current flat area was already started last year. There you can see wonderfully how an area with wildflowers develops. 250 square meters of seed were sown on tuesday on strips five meters wide. The seed (200 euros) was donated by the rotarians of herzogenaurach and provided by the municipal gardening department. Fitz beyer and bernd winkelmann helped the schoolchildren spread the "veitshochheimer bluhzaubers" yesterday and from different mixtures.

In the fall, a 600-square-meter orchard will be planted on one of the other two areas, the fallow land. He also liked old fruit varieties best, says aumeier as the initiator of the project. And on the third flat, perennials are to be planted. The school was in contact with the city before the actions began, and there was also an on-site meeting with the head of the garden department, beyer, and the environmental officer, monika preinl. This was preceded by a letter from the schoolchildren to the mayor.

The schoolchildren will also make signs that will be placed on the three flats to provide information about the project. So that people are not surprised that there is no more mowing, says aumeier. Because some people have to get used to a little more nature first.

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