The odyssey of a corridor monument

The odyssey of a corridor monument

The sandstone marter that now stands in front of the proud pfadenhauer family home in dennach gives the impression that it has always stood here. On closer inspection, however, the attentive friend of the homeland could not fail to notice that, unlike the customary tortures of the 18th century, they were not carried out in the same way. Century is formed.

Thus, growing out of the ground, as it were, rises a new shaft of arrows that tapers upward and ends with a stepped capital. On the capital there is a massive essay from the 18th century. Century, where the sacred images are located. Under indented basket arches are reliefs depicting the crowning of mary by the trinity, st. Peter and st. Peter the apostle. Henry and the hl. Nepomuk, which unfortunately is damaged. On the fourth side, there used to be a painted metal panel, as evidenced by the dowel holes that are still in it. A stone sphere with a double-beam cross serves as the final piece of sculpture.

Connoisseurs of the local wayside shrine landscape will immediately note that the usual pedestal is missing here at this martyrdom. During the rebuilding process, a deliberate effort was made to distinguish the modern shaft from the historical superstructure. Until it was so far, however, and how it came to the resumption lies in the odyssey of the floor monument.

The "tale of woe the marter erzahlte mir der altbauer georg wicklein, dennach. According to his information, it originally stood in the hablach valley, near the stressen bridge. Like so many monuments, this monument had collapsed and lay unnoticed on the ground until someone took pity on it and transported the individual parts to dennach. Until 1956 it had its place on the property nr. 1 found.

Under broken branches

After a fire in the barn and the necessity to build a bigger barn, it had to leave again its place of origin. Apparently, the "implementation" was not done in a timely manner the individual parts of the monument were not treated with care, because since this action the base and the shaft have disappeared. The only thing that has been preserved is the essay with its sacred images. This one I found lying on the ground under the broken branches of a fruit tree.

In conversations with the family wicklein/pfadenhauer they assured me that they had thought for a long time to put the martyrdom back into a worthy condition, but it remained with the will, because other work was more important. Now, however, the time has come to initiate the rebuilding process. Thus, in the spring of 1984, the master stonemason gunter gehring, kronach, was commissioned to make a new arrow shaft and a capital in order to restore the grounded composition with its religious depictions to its proper place and to bring the images up to eye level.

After the fire broke out on 1. December 1984 winter with ice and snow not yet on "dennacher hohe the pfadenhauer family, in cooperation with the company, was able to set up the plant in the front yard of their farm.

Pleased with the successful stonemasonry work and the smooth reassembly, the family then invited all the helpers to a hearty snack. 33years have passed since that time and still the martyrdom adorns the property in dennach. May it be for a long time that the "pfadenhauers-marter" will continue to be the "club" as an enrichment of our native field monument landscape the local part spares.

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