With jurgen schleicher, a breath of fresh air is to come into the town hall

With jurgen schleicher, a breath of fresh air is to come into the town hall

In the 2020 municipal elections, the young burghers of heroldsbach want to run their own mayoral candidate for the first time. Councilwomen julia brutting and pia heidl will be the candidates at the election meeting on sunday, 27 march. October, 6 p.M., at the "lindenhof propose the third mayor jurgen schleicher as a candidate.

"Heroldsbach as a young, up-and-coming community needs a burgermeister with fresh ideas", according to brutting. Schleicher’s broad experience in local politics makes him the ideal candidate for this position, heidl adds.

The 43-year-old has been on the municipal council for twelve years, half of which as third mayor. In the course of this honorary activity, he was already represented in all committees, with the exception of the wastewater association. During this time, he has initiated, among other things, the conversion of street lighting to more environmentally friendly LED and the creation of a concept for community development. In addition, he has been chairman of the young citizens’ group in the district council for six years and has been a member for two periods. He also initiated the regularly published newsletter "no gschaud", in which the young citizens inform the people of heroldsbach about their work in the community. Transparency and credibility in political decisions are extremely important to him, he is very familiar with the challenges of local politics, according to brutting and heidl.

Schleicher feels that his professional background has equipped him to meet the demands of the mayor’s office. Through his training in the construction industry he is familiar with the practices of the free economy, through his current activities with the city of erlangen he has experience in public service.

Jurgen schleicher describes himself as a heroldsbacher by heart and soul. Since his early youth, he has been deeply rooted and committed to the community’s club and village life. The cohesion of the village has shaped his sense of responsibility, as has his family, the fixed point in the life of the father of three daughters.

Community is also what makes heroldsbach special for jurgen schleicher. This is the community he would like to see strong in the coming years as mayor. He is supported in particular by the list candidates of the young citizens, who will also be elected at the meeting on sunday.

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