Storm continues to damage wreck of

But the parts still held together. At least two more of the 900 or so containers still on board slipped into the water overnight.

Experts fear further pollution if the wreck of the 47,000-ton ship breaks completely. The "rena" disaster is the most serious environmental catastrophe that new zealand has ever experienced. High waves have been tossing the ship that crashed in october around for days. "It"s moving, but it"s not moving away from the reef," said the head of the salvage operation, drew shannon, on new zealand television. The shipwrecked ship has a heavy impact side.

priest arnold rescues tomcat merlin from the well

"Last year it was our cat lilli who was freed with the help of the police after days of captivity in the castle", reports pastor arnold. On sunday it was merlin, the guest cat, who arnold had to rescue from the castle fountain. "Merlin has been our guest for three weeks because his owner is on a cure. He was born in our house in april and spends his vacations with us, so to speak", describes heinrich arnold.

On sunday morning all the parson's cats (four, without merlin) were there for breakfast – except merlin, who at the age of 4 months is already exploring his surroundings very thoroughly.

New syria special mediator brahimi in damascus

Brahimi will not present a plan for an end to the year-and-a-half-long conflict until he has spoken with all the parties. But he does not expect a quick breakthrough. Meanwhile, agyptian president mohammed mursi again called on syrian president baschar al-assad to resign. "There is no place for a president who kills his own people," he said thursday after speaking with eu commission president jose manuel barroso in brussel.

"We are all against what the regime in syria is doing," mursi said. The members of the "syria quartet" (agypt, turkey, iran, saudi arabia) that he founded were to meet again shortly to discuss ways to end the violence. "We think we need regime change". I believe that we need concrete action, pressure and patience so that the syrian people can decide their own future."

problems at middle east talks ahead of kerry visit

"After all these rounds of negotiations, there is still nothing concrete," abbas reportedly said at a speech the night before in ramallah.

Kerry arrives in the region this tuesday evening for talks. On wednesday, he will meet with abbas and israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu. He is expected to make an effort to get negotiations back on track.

You can read it on the traffic signs at almost every entrance to kulmbach – the max rubner institute (MRI). But hardly any kulmbacher female, what really behind it is. Among those who wanted to change this are the junior economists, who have now taken a look around the institute and the city slaughterhouse.

Max rubner (1854-1932), the man who gave his name to the federal research institute for food and nutrition, is considered the founder of modern nutrition research. Today, around 200 scientists at four locations are conducting research into healthy nutrition. In kulmbach, the focus is on meat safety and quality.

With jurgen schleicher, a breath of fresh air is to come into the town hall

In the 2020 municipal elections, the young burghers of heroldsbach want to run their own mayoral candidate for the first time. Councilwomen julia brutting and pia heidl will be the candidates at the election meeting on sunday, 27 march. October, 6 p.M., at the "lindenhof propose the third mayor jurgen schleicher as a candidate.

"Heroldsbach as a young, up-and-coming community needs a burgermeister with fresh ideas", according to brutting. Schleicher’s broad experience in local politics makes him the ideal candidate for this position, heidl adds.

The SPD city council faction is critical of the recent political debates in the city. Particularly in view of next year’s election for mayor, faction leader reiner buttner wanted "factual work and not a permanent election campaign". As a citizen, you can get "dizzy". Almost every topic in the city council "is staged as an apocalyptic problem by an alliance of tacticians and doomsayers". However, after the verbal blows against the city administration and the mayor had been dealt, "resolutions were passed almost unanimously".

The SPD parliamentary group is looking forward to entering the municipal election campaign with mayor uwe kirschstein. But now we have to worry about the construction sites in forchheim. According to buttner, this is because "the problems have not been named and dealt with for years and now the impression is being created that they have only recently arisen due to negligence.

Oerlenbach women miss a foul play

TV schwabach – SG oerlenbach/ebenhausen 55:54 (23:34) – a pity. That’s how close the SG women’s basketball team came to winning their first bavarian league game. And that despite the fact that the team from lower franconia was based on michelle curtis, jana katzenberger, eva kohler, julia hemmerich and judith streck had to do without. "This also meant that we sometimes lacked the experience", said coach chris maier, who nevertheless saw a lot of good in his team. Nervous start gave schwabach a 6:0 lead. "In a time-out i changed twice and tried to get the players to concentrate appeals", maier reported on simple but effective remedies. From then on, things went well for the guests, who won the first quarter 21:15. Even after that, there was intensive defense under the basket, so that the opponent had more than seven minutes no points are scored.

"We wanted to continue to play at a high level with the changeover to a zone press we had to go at a fast pace, but that didn’t work", maier described the break in the SG game. Schwabach scored 24 points in the third period – more than in the entire first half helped. "That was a typical third quarter of us, where concentration and voting we went too fast and allowed too many easy points", maier was annoyed over the 39:47 deficit.

Tragedy and soap opera

And the director of the theater group at the jack-steinberger-gymnasium stands on the point of view: "what you want, i try to make possible." The schoolchildren also did what they could. They not only learned their lines and rehearsed, but also designed the sets; five evenings of rehearsals were wasted in the process. And they managed to "hire" the urgently needed number of male actors. "The madels have gone out and recruited mannerisms", tells ahnert. Among them were quite a few newcomers to the stage.

What is a key feature of the "stories"? Is the juxtaposition of tragedy and what are now called elements of a "soap opera has been called. "Not to kill the spab and still let the tragedy shine through is difficult", says the director. But this is exactly what the young amateur actors chuckled at. The confrontation with the content of the play, with its criticism and accusation, its mockery and the clear foresight of a gloomy time and its internalization spurs the spectator on with every scene.

Housing and integration of recognized refugees is a major challenge for the state and municipalities.
For communities with vacant buildings, it can be a chance at the same time. The market town of weisendorf is the first municipality in central franconia to take part in the free state’s urban development demand program.
The market town of weisendorf wants to renovate a vacant residential and office building from the 1950s on hauptstrabe. Weisendorf thus benefits from the government program "use vacancies – create living space" the city’s road construction requirement. With a subsidy of up to 90 percent of the eligible costs, the state’s financial contribution is extraordinarily high.

Only one bid – and that too late

At the last meeting of the building and environment committee, the planning for heating/air conditioning/sanitary and building services, as well as for the electrical system, was supposed to be awarded.
As the chairman of the meeting and second mayor karl-heinz hertlein explained to the committee, six offices were invited to submit a bid. However, no bid was received by the opening date, and one bid was received late and could therefore not be evaluated. Two bureaus informed by telephone that they will not submit a bid. Two other firms declined to submit bids due to capacity constraints.
One office would have liked to submit a bid, but was unable to do so for vacation reasons. This is due to the good economic situation, construction is going on everywhere and planners and tradesmen are working to full capacity, explained hertlein.
Therefore, the call for bids has been cancelled and a new call for bids will be made. The deadline for the submission has been set for 27. September set at 11 a.M.