An up and down that makes spab

An up and down that makes spab


The planning of the bike facility in oberreichenbach is taking concrete shape: in the community council meeting on monday, maximilian buttner and maximilian gast from the young company "dirtways" presented their plans for the new bike facility from herzogenaurach a 3-D road map. In oberreichenbach it is intended to create a social meeting place for all generations, as well as to encourage sports and recreation.

For the little ones, an extra "running bike pump track" is to be built next to the actual BMX and mountain bike track a new area is created on which the youngsters can let off steam without any risk. In consultation with mayor klaus hacker (G) and councillor holger bock (G), the planners have also included a water playground and possibilities for slacklines for balancing in the design.

The track will be built on an area of about 60 by 45 meters and will be constructed mainly of compacted soil. For advanced users two jumps made of wood and metal are integrated. The municipality will have to invest about 60000 euros in this project, but it plans to use funds from the state.

Maximilian gast, managing director of dirtways, would like to start with the implementation in spring and expects an eight-month construction phase. Close cooperation with the young people from oberreichenbach is particularly important to the young entrepreneurs. "We will ask the kids in the final phase what they want for the plant, and then implement the wishes as best we can", explains maximilian buttner, who is responsible for the planning and design of the route.

Dog tax increases

Another topic in the meeting was the dog tax in oberreichenbach. The councillors discussed an increase and at the same time staggering of the tax rates, whereby the opinions diverged widely. Udo lamprecht (G), for example, wanted to completely refrain from staggering the amount for second and third dogs upwards, because he sees the decision about how many dogs someone wants to keep as a private decision and no need for the municipality to interfere. Holger bock (G), on the other hand, spoke in favor of an even higher tax than the one proposed by the mayor in the proposed resolution.

Finally, the council voted seven to five in favor of the proposed resolution, according to which dog owners will in future have to pay 60 euros for the first dog, 90 euros for the second and 120 euros for each additional dog. The rates were unanimous on the subject of fighting dogs: the previous rate of 600 euros was increased to 900 euros, regardless of whether the animal has a negative certificate. Oberreichenbach was a family-friendly community in which fighting dogs had no place, was the opinion of the community council.

Then the streets veit-vom-berg-strabe, david-schroen-strabe, christoph-ellrodt-strabe, graf-berthold-weg and katharinenweg were dedicated as local streets. In addition, a two-year ban on changes to the embattled "seeland-geland" was again imposed enacted.

Since no building committee meeting can take place due to the lockdown, mayor hacker wanted to talk to the council members about the planned day care center at the end of the meeting. Here, instead of the originally planned rather abstract roof with a distorted shape, a more cost-effective alternative had been chosen. After some back and forth it was decided to stick to the architect's concept and not to change anything.

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