Kulmbach train station: new chance to be barrier-free

Kulmbach train station: new chance to be barrier-free

The member of the federal parliament emmi zeulner announced on friday afternoon "that the railroad station kulmbach is on the list of proposals of bavaria for the new federal program in the category "priority A" was classified.

After bavarian construction minister hans reichhart assured his support during his visit to kulmbach, kulmbach is now officially registered with the federal ministry of transport for a new demand program for the creation of barrier-free accessibility at train stations, says the CSU politician. Bavaria had limited itself to only a few selected railroad stations. "That is why it is a success that kulmbach has been added to the list."

"Kulmbach fits right in"

For a long time, she has been working for accessibility at the train station. "The difficulty has always been that kulmbach has not fulfilled the criteria for the federal government’s demand programs. Sometimes he was too small, sometimes too rough", according to the deputy. That’s why she had already campaigned in the coalition negotiations for "a program to be set up that calls for the middle stations". So now stations have been selected that have between 1000 and 4000 daily passengers. "Kulmbach fits right in here."

By the end of february, all federal states must have reported their railroad stations to the ministry of transport. From there, the reported facilities are forwarded to the deutsche bahn for further review. After that, the federal ministry of transport will decide which stations will receive a commitment to the project.

"I will not let up here"

"I am already talking to all levels of decision-makers and will work to ensure that the kulmbach train station is finally barrier-free. We have good arguments on our side here, because kulmbach will be a university location in the future and is already an important economic location for the entire region. I will not let up here", assures zeulner.

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