Dean hanspeter kern says goodbye to kitzingen

dean hanspeter kern says goodbye to kitzingen

"I am grateful for the 15 years in kitzingen and thankful for all those who do the often tedious service of mercy and take care of people who need help and attention", dean hanspeter kern said on sunday in his last official sermon from the pulpit of the evangelical city church. The full church nave showed how respected and valued the outgoing dean was in the deanery of kitzingen.

Kern’s sermon referred to jesus’ word of sunday: be merciful, just as your father is merciful, do not judge or condemn, forgive and you will be forgiven. Mercy means to turn one’s heart to those who are in a pitiable situation, to the poor, helpless and homeless, said the dean. "Jesus calls us to this; it remains an indispensable task of the church and of all christians."

Regional bishop gisela bornowski wished god’s blessing on the new phase of his life and highlighted dean kern’s career and stations. The 15 years in kitzingen were characterized by his calm, level-headed, approachable and friendly manner. "You are someone who sought peace and kept it", the bishop said to kern. He radiates god’s philanthropy and proclaims it. "Your work is felt everywhere."

She relieved kern of his office by returning the cross as dean and blessed him and his wife ulrike. Churchgoers thanked kern for his time in kitzingen with prolonged applause. The service was musically framed by the district trombone choir and the paul-eber-kantorei under the direction of martin blaufelder.

During the reception that followed in the paul-eber-haus, deputy dean michael bausenwein led through the program. The list of speakers who thanked kern for his work was long. Member of the state parliament barbara becker (CSU) invited him to a meal in the bavarian state parliament. District administrator tamara bischof (freie wahler) emphasized that kern had taken on a lot of responsibility for the region. She admires the calmness that he always radiates.

Mayor siegfried muller said kern had earned great respect and esteem through numerous projects and institutions in kitzingen. Through his efforts, the valuable paul-eber bible had also returned to kitzingen.

Priest gerhard spockl from the catholic parish of st. Johannes was pleased that "we were on the road together ecumenically". This had led to the churches approaching each other and once the wish of one church could become reality. Dean gunther kloss-schuster from castell, to whose parish kern and his future place of residence rehweiler belong, had brought the nail for hanging up the talar. "But you certainly won’t need it."

The gospel choir "get on board" provided the musical accompaniment for the reception and the choir "intakt conducted by martin blaufelder.

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