Still very interested in everyday life at the age of 100

Still very interested in everyday life at the age of 100

In good health, lore parmentier-warrelmann celebrated her 100th birthday on saturday. The band celebrated a rare round birthday and was happy to receive numerous congratulators.

The jubilarian, who comes from delmenhorst and took up the profession of a medical-technical assistant, met her later husband heinz koch during the war in an air base near delmenhorst, where he was employed as a senior physician and she as a nurse. Both married during the war in 1943.

Country doctor’s office in east frisia

After the second world war, heinz koch opened a country doctor’s office in remels in east frisia in 1945, where she helped as a medical assistant. After the early death of her husband in 1965, she worked as an MTA at the hospital in westerstede and on night duty at the hospital in leer. In 1974 she married the architect hans parmentier from the dutch coarse town of amersfoort near utrecht, who died in 1994.

She then moved to lichtenfels, the home of her daughter wibke from her first marriage, who is married to gerhard pulhorn, a former ophthalmologist. To this day, the jubilarian lives alone and still cooks for herself, although she is well looked after by five women who take it in turns to visit her regularly, go for walks with her, play cards, do the shopping, help her with the household chores and perform other auxiliary services. Of course, her daughter is also worried about her.

Seniors’ community founded

She is also a founding member of the senior citizens’ association for the district of lichtenfels, an association that provides assistance to people in need of help in old age. Every thursday she takes a cab to cafe moritz for lunch.

She was deeply impressed by the three long cruises she took between 1994 and 2014, during which she spent months traveling around the world. She also attaches great importance to her annual four-week stay at a spa in badenweiler in the southern black forest. Until about seven years ago, she was also a member of a bowling club. But she was deeply affected in 2018 by the death of her son heinz-hermann koch, who worked as a urologist. She was, however, pleased by the visit of her other son harm-jurgen koch, who, like his father, had a country doctor’s practice in remels.

She also has nine grandchildren and 14 great-grandchildren to look forward to. Lore parmentier-warrelmann is still very interested in everyday events and follows news, political broadcasts and talk shows on television with interest.

The congratulations of the city were conveyed by mayor andreas hugerich and those of the district by district administrator helmut fischer. The blessings of the evangelical church community were conveyed by pastor ralph-peter zettler. Monika faber represents the seniors’ community.

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