Relaxation on the vanilla price front

Good news for consumers: the world market price for vanilla is easing after years of rising prices.

In madagascar, as the world’s largest growing region, exporters expect prices for the "queen of spices" to fall significantly as a result of changes in consumer behavior. "The decline in demand on the international market has led some in madagascar to offer prices far below those of the previous year," explained the head of the vanilla exporters association, georges geeraerts.

short worker haas as if in a frenzy into the semifinals

The legendary success story of tommy haas at the ATP masters tournament in miami continues. In only 64 minutes the almost 35 year old tennis pro duplicated the frenchman gilles simon with 6:3, 6:1 and reached the semifinals.

One day after his 6:2, 6:4 performance against the serbian industry leader novak djokovic, the hamburg native did not stand a chance against the number eleven seed either.

dean hanspeter kern says goodbye to kitzingen

"I am grateful for the 15 years in kitzingen and thankful for all those who do the often tedious service of mercy and take care of people who need help and attention", dean hanspeter kern said on sunday in his last official sermon from the pulpit of the evangelical city church. The full church nave showed how respected and valued the outgoing dean was in the deanery of kitzingen.

Kern’s sermon referred to jesus’ word of sunday: be merciful, just as your father is merciful, do not judge or condemn, forgive and you will be forgiven. Mercy means to turn one’s heart to those who are in a pitiable situation, to the poor, helpless and homeless, said the dean. "Jesus calls us to this; it remains an indispensable task of the church and of all christians."

Still very interested in everyday life at the age of 100

In good health, lore parmentier-warrelmann celebrated her 100th birthday on saturday. The band celebrated a rare round birthday and was happy to receive numerous congratulators.

The jubilarian, who comes from delmenhorst and took up the profession of a medical-technical assistant, met her later husband heinz koch during the war in an air base near delmenhorst, where he was employed as a senior physician and she as a nurse. Both married during the war in 1943.

Munnerstadt: a life for faith

At an age when others have not practiced their profession for 20 years or more, father arno meyer still thinks every day about how he can fulfill his vocation as a priest and pastor for the good of his fellow men. "As a priest, you have to be careful that routine doesn’t get in", says the 85-year-old. That’s why it’s important to him to experience each day consciously, as if it were his last, says father arno. Six decades ago, on 19. December 1959, he was ordained a priest in the lateran basilica in rome.

His responsible tasks in the augustinian order have allowed the jubilarian to travel far and gain a lot of experience. For the past twelve years, he has been back in munnerstadt, the place where he graduated from high school in 1954 and began his novitiate as an augustinian.

Embattled paypal payment service remains a drawcard for ebay

Group sales rose 14 percent to 4.3 billion dollars (3.1 billion euros), ebay announced in san jose on tuesday.

At the beginning of the year, the feisty u.S. Investor and ebay major shareholder carl icahn had demanded that paypal be spun off. The service can be used to pay for online purchases and transfer money. Especially in the USA, where bank transfers are complicated, paypal is popular and growing accordingly fast.

Thomas doll took offense at manuel grafe’s "babbling" and "slobbering," while the referee accused the coach of "arrogance" in turn. The entertaining duel overshadowed the next setback for hannover 96 in the fight for survival in the fubball bundesliga.

Immediately after the final whistle in the 3-1 loss to FC augsburg, the dispute between coach and referee began on the pitch and continued loudly in the arena aisles. "You can blame me for anything if we don’t win soccer games. But that I am arrogant… I just don’t like being slobbered over for five minutes," grumbled doll.

Escalation in erlangen: group beats up three young men

Group beats up three men: in erlangen (central franconia), a group of eight to ten beats up three young men. The incident occurred in the night from saturday to sunday (15. April 2018) in erlangen’s city center, police reported.

Collision with police car: moped rider dies after accident in central franconia
the attackers attacked the 21- and 22-year-old men for the first time in engelstrabe. On the way towards martin-luther-square, the three victims were repeatedly attacked by individuals of the group. On martin-luther-square the situation escalated completely: the whole group beat the three young men without restraint. One of the victims, a 21-year-old, suffered minor facial injuries. The clothes of the three were considerably damaged.

Japan's ailing electronics giants are betting on the 2020 olympics

"Japan’s electronics giants in the valley of the trenches," "record loss spurs fears for sharp’s future," "despite restructuring: sony still deep in the red" – the headlines about the japanese electronics industry from the past year paint a gloomy picture, even if sentiment has recently brightened again thanks to the enormous devaluation of the yen and a rough economic stimulus package from the abe government. At japan’s leading electronics trade fair ceatec, sony, sharp, panasonic& co. But they continue to face questions about whether they will be able to keep up with the competition from south korea, china and california in the future.

Samsung in particular has taken a heavy toll on the once powerful japanese flagship company. The south koreans now dominate the television market, produce by far the most smartphones, and are also a global giant in the semiconductor business. Meanwhile, sony struggled with losses for years. And the highly indebted sharp group had trouble convincing urgently needed investors.

St. Bartholomaus rothenkirchen: why miracles cannot be explained

The verdict of our tester:

If the service was compared to a meal, the faithful were served a dish that contained all the ingredients – but lacked the final root. It was pleasant that potzl held a sermon that did not want to instruct, but rather to encourage a greater sense of community and coherence. In the end, however, it remained too theological and too unspecific to be remembered in the long term, even after the mass had ended. This was more successful with a statement that the pastor made right at the beginning of the service. Man is on earth because he has the mission to do good.

A visit is the st. Bartholomew's church worthy of all the traps. Also outside the service times. The golden altar in the right wing of the church is particularly impressive.