Even though the total number of traffic accidents on german roads is low, accidents often occur on wet and icy roads. This is the result of a survey by the german federal statistical office. Around 30.000 traffic accidents (7.2% of all accidents) in 2018 can be attributed to slippery roads caused by rain, snow or ice.

Constant rain, poor visibility or icy roads: wet roads can be dangerous for drivers. The ADAC gives some tips on how to reach your destination safely even in bad weather conditions.

Drive with foresight: get off the gas

Hectic and arrogant driving are rarely helpful in road traffic. This is especially true in rain and wet weather: driving too fast or making unnecessary overtaking maneuvers often ends in an accident. The longer braking distance or poor visibility can mean that other road users may no longer be able to react in time. Therefore: reduce your speed, avoid unnecessarily hard braking and signal in time. It also makes sense to have both hands firmly on the steering wheel.

The dice are cast

BRK district manager harald erhard lost his job yesterday. Because his child got sick and he couldn't find a caregiver, and because he couldn't go to work because of it. Fortunately, all this happened only in the game. Erhard doesn't have any children of his own and is more of an employer, but he was able to feel what it's like for employees who spend their mornings worrying about their children and parents in need of care and yet still have to manage the feat of getting to work on time – if everything goes smoothly.
Harald erhard, district administrator tamara bischof, matthias tilgner, head of the kitzingen branch of the savings bank, entrepreneur beate etzelmuller from wiedenmann ropes, and kitzingen city councilor and youth officer hiltrud stocker experienced in a playful way the difficulties that arise in the critical period between six o'clock and eight o'clock.30 o'clock in families can occur.

Living pawns

In the context of the action day of the local alliance for family, these five well-known persons acted as living play figures on an oversized playing field on the pavement in front of the city hall. Assume the following case: you have two children and a parent in need of care to look after alone in the morning because your partner is away on a business trip. Everything must be managed after getting up in such a way that the player is on time at 8 a.M.30 o'clock in the office is.
Kerstin betz, head of the department of social affairs, family, youth and seniors, and simone gobel, regional management kitzinger land, had drawn a kind of game of life with white, red and green little boxes. It was thrown in turn. The luck of the dice decided and represented the coincidence that exists in real life.

In the last five days, there have again been numerous calls from alleged police officers throughout central franconia. The "EKO 110" investigative commission expects more calls throughout central franconia in the next few days and gives behavioral tips again.

In all calls, according to a well-known pattern, it was pretended that burglars had been arrested, and that slips of paper with the address of the called persons had been found on them. That is why their money and jewelry should be temporarily taken away by police officers for security purposes. In central franconia, about 50 such calls have been reported in the last four days.

In one case, a nurnberg senior citizen handed over several thousand euros in cash to alleged police officers. In this context, the police once again issue an urgent warning against criminals who exploit the trust that citizens place in the police in order to obtain data or money from mainly elderly people.

Strong children call: get lost!

"Get lost!"At the beginning of july, the words resounded through the schoolhouse of the kitzingen-siedlung elementary school. The reason was not a loud quarrel among schoolchildren. After mediation by the district youth ring and the city youth welfare office, the bamberg social and theater pedagogue dirk bayer and his colleague were guests in the fourth classes with the theater play of the same name.

The content of the play, which complemented and rounded off the sexual education lessons in home and science classes, was the prevention of sexual abuse. According to bayer, the aim of the play is to remove the taboo surrounding sexual abuse, to show children how they can act and to make them strong. In the interactive play, which won the french police prevention prize in 2003, the action was repeatedly interrupted, so that the students could propose their own solutions and then test and implement them in the game, according to a press release .

Most important message for the children: pay attention to your "inner feeling. It tells you what is okay and what is not. In addition, the fourth-graders were given a series of tips on how to protect themselves in the event of a case. In addition, the tips were recorded on a poster, to which the schoolchildren added pictures.