No one wants to go to europe? - candidates languish

Self-doubt instead of self-confidence – the prospect of the rough european stage seems to have lamed rather than inspired the bundesliga clubs in recent weeks.

The race for the sporting and financially lucrative european cup places has become a snail race. A comparison of the performances of nine bundesliga clubs in contention for champions league and european league spots reveals some surprising facts.

FC bayern munchen, who can clinch the championship as early as easter, and the reinvigorated defending champions borussia dortmund were left behind in an analysis by the dpa news agency. For the BVB is clearly heading for the vice championship. For the chasers, the third (direct champions league qualification), fourth (champions league playoff), fifth and sixth (european league) places remain. Depending on the outcome of the DFB cup, seventh place may also be enough.

Coburg? Brose relies on bamberg

The brose company has three locations in france: coburg, hallstadt and wurzburg. But if the shareholders of the automotive supplier have their way, the company's development in the region will in future be concentrated at just two locations – and the coburg headquarters, of all places, will be left out in the cold.

"An analysis of the future prospects of our french locations has clearly shown that bamberg and wurzburg best meet the requirements of a growing and internationally active company", it says in a message of brose. The criteria for this analysis were population development, transport connections, educational facilities and the attractiveness for employees.

The tense relationship between the coburg city council and the chairman of the brose shareholders' meeting, michael stoschek, is an open secret. But now, for the first time, this seems to be putting the city at a real disadvantage. Brose wants to grow further and, according to jurgen otto, chairman of the brose board of management, is planning to build a new administration building. This is to provide space for about 500 jobs – and it is to be built as a result of the youngest site analysis "in the bamberg area" to be erected. Brose did not want to or could not give any concrete information about the location on monday. The only thing that is certain so far, as the company's communications department explained, is that the new building will be completed "in the next two years should be done.

Breastfeeding keeps you healthy, smart and slim for life

But once the hub’s thank-you notes for the birth are sent out, many people stop doing it again. Either it doesn’t really work out and they don’t get any real help – or the advertising of the substitute milk manufacturers convinces them of the convenience of the job. Studies have shown that breastfeeding children for a long time has many positive effects.

Long-term effects

It is now proven what natural people instinctively know, namely that breast milk strengthens the immune system. Besides, breast milk is always available, optimally tempered and does not have to be prepared separately. Whether increased intelligence in breastfed children can actually be attributed to earlier breastfeeding is still questionable, however. It is possible that women who choose to breastfeed and are not discouraged from doing so at the first few failed attempts are simply smarter themselves – which is reflected in the genes of their offspring?

Well digestible and optimally composed

The fact is that breast milk is optimal for babies to digest, protects against illness and infection – and also provides the necessary security. The composition of breast milk provides all the nutrients needed by babies throughout the different stages of life. Because newborns need different milk than one-year-olds – this art of the ideal milk composition is also done by mother nature quite automatically. Breastfeeding also strengthens the important bond between mother and child. Women who have breastfed also have a lower risk of breast cancer – advantages that should not be underestimated.

Before the start: residents reject kitzingen youth center site

Criticism comes too late: too late for the planned "house for youth and family" at the jahnstrabe site in kitzingen to be prevented, but still in time for improvements to be made. 24 residents of jahnstrabe and talstrabe recently wrote a letter to the city administration and city council opposing the construction of a new youth center on the open space next to the florian geyer hall. The concerns raised culminate in the statement that the letter writers consider the site unsuitable.

The house for youth and family has long been longed for by the young people of kitzingen. The domicile of the city youth work, jungstil, in the burgerzentrum in the old town, they have already had to vacate two and a half years ago and have since been temporarily housed in the district center siedlung.

City has planned for a long time

The city is taking just as long to plan the new youth center, which will also offer services for families. Precisely because the facility is important to the city administration and the city council, they wanted to make it especially good. An architectural competition was to produce the optimal solution.