Teaching pool: no solo effort by altenkunstadt

There was no mood of jubilation after the vote in the altenkunstadt municipal council, but rather the nuchterne realization that one should not praise the day before the evening. Altenkunstadt has voted 12 to four in favor of the construction of an instructional swimming pool on the school and sports grounds in the altenkunstadt suburb of rohrig. But whether burgkunstadt and, above all, weismain, with its high mountain of debt, will also follow suit is still up in the air.
In this spirit, mayor robert hummer (CSU) stated: "we can’t shout hurrah yet, because there are still many things to do." However, the people of altenkunstadt accommodated the two neighboring communities in their decision: in contrast to the construction costs, in which all three towns are to share, the decision provides for altenkunstadt to shoulder the maintenance costs alone. "Burgkunstadt already bears the deficit for its outdoor pool. Weismain, on the other hand, with its strained budget situation, may not participate in any maintenance due to the stabilization aid granted by the free state", hummer welcomes the meeting.
As far as construction is concerned, the speaker was confident that weismain would also join in alongside burgkunstadt: "if we all want it, then we will build it together." "There must not be any altenkunstadt solo effort in the construction", emphasized stephanie dittrich (bundnisgrune). "Because only three of us are stronger", agreed melita braun (CSU). In this sense, the resolution is also written, in which it literally says: "the construction of an instructional swimming pool at the altenkunstadt middle school site is approved subject to the participation of the city and municipalities."
What is the cost situation? The concept of the association for municipal cooperation, which is available as a brochure, provides for investments of 4.2 million euros, while the estimated cost is 3.1 million euros. The three neighboring municipalities still had to raise 1.1 million euro. Taking into account the prospective subsidies from the district of lichtenfels of one percent of the district levy, which would correspond to about 600,000 euros, the municipality of altenkunstadt and the cities of burgkunstadt and weismain would have investment costs of about 500,000 euros. In order to benefit from the claim funds, the municipal administration was instructed to submit claim applications to the district of lichtenfels and to the state of bavaria in accordance with the financial equalization law.
In addition, contractual negotiations are to be conducted with the DLRG burgkunstadt regarding the operation of the training pool. A term of 15 years is planned for the contract. The DLRG had already successfully operated the no longer existing training pool in burgkunstadt from 2005 to 2010. "Despite enormously high costs as an association, we achieved an annual plus of five to 10,000 euros, explained chairman werner schneider of the DLRG. The speaker was confident that the new pool would not result in a deficit either. For swimming lessons alone, the expert calculated revenues of 96,000 euros at an hourly rate of 69 euros, 36 school weeks and six to eight swimming lessons per weekday. "The primary and secondary school in mainleus, which also held its swimming lessons in the new pool, is not included in my calculation", employees. Other revenue streams included swimming lessons for babies, toddlers, migrants and adults, as well as handicap swimming and diving groups. Mayor robert hummer listed other sources of income for financing the maintenance, ranging from the founding of a claims association to the sale of annual passes and the allocation of a name (for example, kathi-baur-bad) to donations and sponsoring activities. An important condition for the state to be able to require the pool is the number of classes, which must be 105. The last calculation showed 104 classes in the schools of the three municipalities. Hummer announced that this had now been exceeded: "in the elementary school, we will have three classes in grade 1 in the new school year instead of the previous two. The middle school also has a new class. In addition, the number of sports classes at the burgkunstadt high school will increase in the medium term, thanks to the introduction of the nine-year high school program." Hummer had also pointed out that there was also the altenkunstadt water rescue service, which could participate in supervision at the new pool.
Astrid redinger, a member of the chamber of commerce, issued a warning: "if the municipal council decides to build and operate an instructional swimming pool, it must be aware that this will restrict the municipality’s financial room for maneuver and take away financial reserves to compensate for possible tax shortfalls or unforeseen additional expenditure." This was water on the mills of frank novotny from the social burgers (SB) as well as norbert schnapp, walter and michael limmer from the young voters union (JWU), who were critical of the project. Walter limmer pointed out the many obligatory tasks, such as wastewater disposal, educational institutions or water supply, that the municipality has to shoulder. He recalled that the middle school is already very old. "But no thought has yet been given to a possible renovation", stressed the speaker. "Clearly, an instructional swimming pool is a voluntary service", brown agreed with him, but in the same breath made it clear: "we are not building a spa." Limmer also pointed out that the elementary school classes of the three municipalities have been receiving swimming lessons in the michelau indoor pool again since this school year. "After seven years of no swimming lessons, we were able to achieve that, demanded by the ministry of health and supported by the AOK bavaria, swimming lessons take place again", schneider confirmed limmer’s statement. At the same time, the expert pointed out that there are only six hours of swimming lessons per year and per class: "it cannot be guaranteed that the little ones will learn to swim within six hours." "We create a lighthouse project. But we also have to be able to afford it", novotny gave the following reasons for concern. Ludwig winkler of the free burghers of the districts (FBO) has declared himself to be in favor of a pool. He attached great importance to the fact that the pool must also be open to the public. Should the foundation of joint municipal utilities ever come about, then the open-air swimming pool in burgkunstadt and a possible teaching pool should be taken over by these utilities. An impassioned plea for a bathroom was made by thorsten J. Schmidtke of the young burgers: "we must have visions. Even former district administrator reinhard leutner was once ridiculed for his idea of a thermal spa."

closure of the construction site in weiher could be lifted in september

On june 9, 2013, the nurnberg state construction office. On april, work began on widening state road 2240 in the weiher through-route. According to a press release from the authorities, the construction work is progressing very well, so that the tree inspection can be completed earlier than planned.

After the construction site in weiher was started at the beginning of april, the construction office is drawing a positive balance so far. The construction work is about six weeks ahead of schedule due to the optimal weather conditions, the excellent performance of the construction company and the optimization of the construction process. In the last four weeks, the north side of the new bus stop at the junction of markomanniaweg and staatsstrabe has been rebuilt and prepared to the extent that a bus shelter and bicycle parking area can be built by the municipality at a later date.

Supporting wall completed

For this reason, some flat areas were only provisionally fixed (gravel flat). The protective wall to the ramp facility has been completed and has already been backfilled, so that work on the actual staircase and ramp facility can begin here. The head beam is currently being erected on the retaining wall along the footpath and cycle path.

Mayor horst rehder (BB) informed the hebdorf councillors in their most recent meeting about the status of the general renovation of the school building in hannberg. So on 4. May started with the demolition work in the old building of the school building, currently the gymnasium is gutted and a classroom is completely demolished.
At its meeting, the council also awarded further contracts, such as for sun protection and blackout systems. The company sitzmann from schlitz will carry out the work for just under 47,000 euros, the cost calculation was 91,000 euros and will thus be significantly undercut.
The metal construction work and the post-and-beam facade will be carried out by the company JMF metallbautechnik for about 243 000 euros, which also includes maintenance work for 13 000 euros. Since the cost calculation was 174,000 euros, the contract amount will be significantly exceeded, the additional costs are due to the current economic market situation. In response to a question from the committee, project manager gerhart schafer explained that the maintenance contract would improve the service life of the system requiring maintenance.
The CSU faction had submitted a motion on the general renovation of the elementary school and cost control, which stefan reif explained once again. "The CSU-fraction is concerned with "receiving information from the administration in a certain automatic way by means of a simple and understandable presentation", the CSU municipal council explained.

List is constantly updated

Project supervisor schafer then commented in detail on the whole issue of cost control. Cost control for the school tree inspection was part of his contract, he said.
Using an excel table, schafer explained the structure of the monitoring table and explained the presentation to the council, and also took on board other requests for changes. For the next meeting of the municipal council, schafer announced a listing of the costs incurred so far and a constant updating of the list. The council agreed with the control mechanism explained by schafer. Sae

A paradise for insects

Bernhard panzer sometimes, as a thoughtful rainer aumeier notes, "i’m almost a little sorry i didn’t come up with the idea 20 years ago.". For a long time now, the land behind the middle school building has been lying fallow. Up to now, the players have simply been selected – and that’s it. "No one needs a turf surface like this", says aumeier.

Now, however, things are changing: three areas with a total of about one thousand square meters are now being landscaped in an ecologically sensible way. The first area was sown with different wildflower seeds on tuesday. The so-called seeding area will be followed by a planting area and a fallow area.

Hype comes just in time

For the middle school teacher who is carrying out the environmental project with class 9M, the current hype about nature has come at just the right time. After the referendum on saving bees, natural meadows are popping up and projects are being started everywhere. The current flowering area between the middle school and the high school also fits in here. A little further away in the weihersbach area, a similar project was started recently on earth day, and right next to the current flat area was already started last year. There you can see wonderfully how an area with wildflowers develops. 250 square meters of seed were sown on tuesday on strips five meters wide. The seed (200 euros) was donated by the rotarians of herzogenaurach and provided by the municipal gardening department. Fitz beyer and bernd winkelmann helped the schoolchildren spread the "veitshochheimer bluhzaubers" yesterday and from different mixtures.

New syria special mediator brahimi in damascus

Brahimi will not present a plan for an end to the year-and-a-half-long conflict until he has spoken with all the parties. But he does not expect a quick breakthrough. Meanwhile, agyptian president mohammed mursi again called on syrian president baschar al-assad to resign. "There is no place for a president who kills his own people," he said thursday after speaking with eu commission president jose manuel barroso in brussel.

"We are all against what the regime in syria is doing," mursi said. The members of the "syria quartet" (agypt, turkey, iran, saudi arabia) that he founded were to meet again shortly to discuss ways to end the violence. "We think we need regime change". I believe that we need concrete action, pressure and patience so that the syrian people can decide their own future."

Syrian government forces, meanwhile, killed a former parliamentarian during a raid in aleppo province. Activists report that ahmed al-turk was shot dead in his home in the village of harasta. A son of the politician had been taken away by the soldiers. Nationwide, 36 people died on thursday, according to opposition figures. Most of the casualties are said to have occurred in aleppo.

150 years of the garitz fire department, 50 years of the youth band: a cause for celebration

The youth band of the garitz fire department celebrated its 50th anniversary in a festive and convivial atmosphere. The traditional "wiesn" festival provided the setting for the socializing. The 150th anniversary of the garitz fire department was celebrated in a festive service.

The school garden next to the gymnasium was ideal for the guests of the youth band, as the trees provided protection from the sun on both days. Under the dense green stood the beer table sets for the adults, for the young guests of the wiesn festival there was a bouncy castle, a play mobile and face painting for children. On sunday there was a flea market, and for technical fans the fire engines LF 10/6 and TFL 8/18W were presented.

Thanks to the good weather, the response on both days was very good despite the competition in neighboring communities, says chairman fabian schopf. The musical qualities of the youth band as well as of friendly bands were in the center of attention. On saturday, the youth band itself and the music school auditions provided the supporting program. On sunday, the nudlinger musikanten offered an atmospheric accompaniment to the early pint, before the "little muppets" youth orchestra performed and in the evening the group "just for fun" the atmosphere was created by.