Bees are the topic at the beekeepers' corner in obermembach

He fulfilled a dream in 1978 and has been a beekeeper with body and soul ever since: klaus becker from herzogenaurach. For more than thirty years, the herzogenaurach beekeepers' association has had a small stand at the herzogenaurach old town festival, trying to bring visitors closer to the valuable work of bees and selling honey and wax products.

But he is worried, the chairman of the beekeepers association and district chairman, worried about the future of the bees. Becker recalls a statement by albert einstein: "once the bee disappears from the earth, man has only four years to live."

The honeybee is the smallest pet, but also one of the most important. Bees pollinate around 80 percent of crops and many wild plants. "The bees and other insects are indispensable to satisfy the hunger of the growing world population, because despite all the technology, agriculture depends on the pollinators. If the bees disappeared, we had a big problem", explained becker.
The reason for the deterioration lies especially in the monotony of agriculture in the region. The supply of nectar- and pollen-rich plants is severely limited by the progressive cultivation of agriculture.

Storm continues to damage wreck of

But the parts still held together. At least two more of the 900 or so containers still on board slipped into the water overnight.

Experts fear further pollution if the wreck of the 47,000-ton ship breaks completely. The "rena" disaster is the most serious environmental catastrophe that new zealand has ever experienced. High waves have been tossing the ship that crashed in october around for days. "It"s moving, but it"s not moving away from the reef," said the head of the salvage operation, drew shannon, on new zealand television. The shipwrecked ship has a heavy impact side.

Meteorologists do not foresee any improvement in the weather for the time being. The salvage work therefore had to be stopped days ago. One of the containers that slid open and the cargo of lamb meat slid into the sea. Dozens of spoiled pieces have been reeled in. Lifesavers on the beach helping to clean up the mess believe the unusually high number of sharks offshore is due to this, the bay of plenty times newspaper reported.

problems at middle east talks ahead of kerry visit

"After all these rounds of negotiations, there is still nothing concrete," abbas reportedly said at a speech the night before in ramallah.

Kerry arrives in the region this tuesday evening for talks. On wednesday, he will meet with abbas and israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu. He is expected to make an effort to get negotiations back on track.

After years of ice, israel and the palastinians had resumed peace talks under U.S. Mediation at the end of july. Goals are a peace agreement within nine months, an independent palastinian state, and security guarantees for israel.

You can read it on the traffic signs at almost every entrance to kulmbach – the max rubner institute (MRI). But hardly any kulmbacher female, what really behind it is. Among those who wanted to change this are the junior economists, who have now taken a look around the institute and the city slaughterhouse.

Max rubner (1854-1932), the man who gave his name to the federal research institute for food and nutrition, is considered the founder of modern nutrition research. Today, around 200 scientists at four locations are conducting research into healthy nutrition. In kulmbach, the focus is on meat safety and quality.

The MRI team investigates a wide variety of influences on food and plays a key role in the development of quality standards and testing methods to ensure compliance with these standards. This includes u.A. The process quality in meat production as well as the handling and processing of the products, but also the topics of safety and hygiene. In addition to the research projects, the establishment of the national reference center for authentic foods (NRZ) is currently underway. "The NRZ is an important step in the fight against fraud and falsification in the food sector", says the deputy director of the institute fredi schwagele. This not only created new jobs, but also increased the importance of kulmbach as a business location.

The SPD city council faction is critical of the recent political debates in the city. Particularly in view of next year’s election for mayor, faction leader reiner buttner wanted "factual work and not a permanent election campaign". As a citizen, you can get "dizzy". Almost every topic in the city council "is staged as an apocalyptic problem by an alliance of tacticians and doomsayers". However, after the verbal blows against the city administration and the mayor had been dealt, "resolutions were passed almost unanimously".

The SPD parliamentary group is looking forward to entering the municipal election campaign with mayor uwe kirschstein. But now we have to worry about the construction sites in forchheim. According to buttner, this is because "the problems have not been named and dealt with for years and now the impression is being created that they have only recently arisen due to negligence.

Praise for the master plan

Example of the renovation backlog in the city’s properties: "it was caused because too little was done for decades in terms of building maintenance." The city administration had now worked out a master plan with the city council. Part of this is the consideration of which use should take place in which building. From the point of view of SPD city councilor anita kern, this is the right approach. "Only when the state of affairs is known, the right decisions can be made."

Untermerzbacher csu always played a special role

The struggle for the foundation of the district in the course of the territorial reform sounded on its periphery on saturday evening: "untermerzbach is not a municipality like any other and neither is the CSU local association. What they have done has also helped lower franconia and they have become an important bastion for us in the east." This emphasized secretary of state a.D. Dr. Albert meyer as keynote speaker at the 40th. Jubilee of the CSU local association in the reisenweber hall.

At that time, smart burghers had established local associations everywhere, and in untermerzbach, the CSU had done the groundwork. 21 citizens were at the founding meeting, of which 19 became members. Erich grell was elected chairman of the board, and fritz muller and friedrich hohn his deputies.

Important bastion in the east
Meyer spoke of a turbulent time due to the territorial reform, which had been drastic and had also led to unrest among the population. But without doubt it was urgently needed.

Christian martin leaves fc burk in summer

Having come with rough expectations, reality has taught us better: in the summer, the paths of the 1. FC burk and its coach christian martin separate again. At the start of training on tuesday, the coach informed those responsible and the team – at least those parts that are still there. "I came here in the summer under completely different conditions and am therefore deeply disappointed by the current situation. That’s why I have decided to take a new path for the coming season at the latest", says the 48-year-old. "I want to finish the season with burk properly, I’m not one to let the club and players down. On the other hand i have to say that it makes little sense at the moment."

Seven players are gone

That the second half of the season will be better than the dismal first half with only two points is not to be expected at the moment. During the winter, seven more players left the team – four from the first team, three from the reserve team. There are no newcomers. What remains is a rump squad of about twelve men. A race to catch up, which may even end with the class preservation, would be in view of this a medium miracle. "The first goal will be to keep the game going, the team will be a mix of first, reserve and old men", so martin.

The club is thus facing an uncertain future, the gang in the district class is hardly still to prevent. "We were very happy to continue with christian martin. In my opinion, he is the best coach we have ever had in burk", says FC head of department frank gareus, but knows that there are hardly any arguments for keeping last year’s TSV kirchehrenbach promotion coach. "I must apologize to him for what has happened to us in this half year. The coach can do the least for our sporting situation. His decision to try something new is absolutely understandable. We give him credit for the fact that he still wants to go through with this half year. That speaks for his character", says gareus.

Police has everything under control

"Today's date is a good choice because heavy traffic is really starting up again after the holidays", says chief commissioner rainer scheckenbach. "On the electronic map in the truck we can read the driving and resting times for a whole month", he declares and stands in the lane to wave out a rough truck.
"The driver's card please", says head master diana weidner courtly. Patiently she waits and receives the card from a slightly nervous driver. Then she goes to the police car and sits down at the computer. Together with her young colleague in training, katharina panzer, she now reads off all the data. "His card expired, but he moved the truck anyway."

Secure is secure

A fine of 500 euros awaits the truck driver. The owner is also asked to pay, because he did not issue a vacation certificate to the driver for the days off. He may now continue his journey. A minibus with open side door is parked in front of the truck. You can see a lot of barrels standing unsecured behind the driver's seat. "This is an offence against the stvo", rainer scheckenbach clears up the stunned driver. "They are so heavy, after all …", the driver wants to answer, but the policeman kindly interrupts him: "the load must be secured. How quickly do you think unsecured objects can become a hazard when the brakes are applied or accidents occur?!"
The trainee christoph roth stands next to it and clarifies: "this is an affected person's statement. The driver gets the opportunity to make up his mind and so we can better determine the amount of the fine." This time, the driver of the vehicle, who is his own boss, gets an infraction notice and has to pay 50 euro. "He practically fell for us", the budding young policeman explains with a laugh, because there is glue in the heavy barrels. "I find the aubendienst very interesting", says christoph roth. "It's just different to do it yourself than to watch from the sidelines." Rainer scheckenbach meanwhile takes to the road again and swings his trowel.
"Our relationship with the road users is good. We are always friendly at the controls and explain our mabnahmen. It is not uncommon for the offending drivers to thank us, even though they have been issued with a fine", says head of operations scheckenbach.

Thomas doll took offense at manuel grafe’s "babbling" and "slobbering," while the referee accused the coach of "arrogance" in turn. The entertaining duel overshadowed the next setback for hannover 96 in the fight for survival in the fubball bundesliga.

Immediately after the final whistle in the 3-1 loss to FC augsburg, the dispute between coach and referee began on the pitch and continued loudly in the arena aisles. "You can blame me for anything if we don’t win soccer games. But that I am arrogant… I just don’t like being slobbered over for five minutes," grumbled doll.

While the augsburg team, the new 14th in the table. And a lead over hannover that has increased to eleven points, the 2. League for the lower saxons after the sixth defeat in the seventh game under doll ever closer. "He arrived and said, ‘because of you, we lost, because of you, we lost,’" said the former FIFA referee, describing the dispute. With his attempts to explain decisions under discussion he did not meet doll’s taste. "He said, you’re just babbling, you’re just babbling, I found that disrespectful. At least you can talk sense to each other."Doll behaved mockingly and ironically, grafe said.

Japan's ailing electronics giants are betting on the 2020 olympics

"Japan’s electronics giants in the valley of the trenches," "record loss spurs fears for sharp’s future," "despite restructuring: sony still deep in the red" – the headlines about the japanese electronics industry from the past year paint a gloomy picture, even if sentiment has recently brightened again thanks to the enormous devaluation of the yen and a rough economic stimulus package from the abe government. At japan’s leading electronics trade fair ceatec, sony, sharp, panasonic& co. But they continue to face questions about whether they will be able to keep up with the competition from south korea, china and california in the future.

Samsung in particular has taken a heavy toll on the once powerful japanese flagship company. The south koreans now dominate the television market, produce by far the most smartphones, and are also a global giant in the semiconductor business. Meanwhile, sony struggled with losses for years. And the highly indebted sharp group had trouble convincing urgently needed investors.

At ceatec in tokyo, however, the companies don’t want to talk about their mixed balance sheets, but instead promote their technical innovations. Sony, panasonic and sharp propagate here similarly as few weeks ago on the berliner funkausstellung IFA television sets and computer displays, which compress more and more pixels on less and less space. But unlike the IFA, ceatec opens up a perspective on how consumers can actually benefit from these ultra-high resolutions of the new generation of screens.