Tragedy and soap opera

And the director of the theater group at the jack-steinberger-gymnasium stands on the point of view: "what you want, i try to make possible." The schoolchildren also did what they could. They not only learned their lines and rehearsed, but also designed the sets; five evenings of rehearsals were wasted in the process. And they managed to "hire" the urgently needed number of male actors. "The madels have gone out and recruited mannerisms", tells ahnert. Among them were quite a few newcomers to the stage.

What is a key feature of the "stories"? Is the juxtaposition of tragedy and what are now called elements of a "soap opera has been called. "Not to kill the spab and still let the tragedy shine through is difficult", says the director. But this is exactly what the young amateur actors chuckled at. The confrontation with the content of the play, with its criticism and accusation, its mockery and the clear foresight of a gloomy time and its internalization spurs the spectator on with every scene.

The atmosphere changes with each change in the set of feelings and rituals – a challenge that the schoolchildren mastered with bravura. This is also due to the fact that the actors play their characters very distinctly, even in the smaller roles: mona munzel, for example, plays valerie, who is capricious, a little naive and yet very down-to-earth and has a strong sense of justice; nico bollwein, who plays the old-fashioned, grubby oscar in a multifaceted way; zeno scherner, who really blossoms in the role of the american. It all adds up to a coherent whole that keeps the viewer engaged and thinking.

Rwe expects billions in compensation for lignite phase-out

The energy company RWE goes with the demand for compensation in the billions into the discussion with the federal government about the early shutdown of lignite-fired power plants.

Compensation of 1.2 to 1.5 billion euros per gigawatt of shutdown power is fair, said chief executive rolf martin schmitz in essen on thursday. Compared to the demand for eco-electricity, however, compensation for shutdown power plants is negligible.

The coal commission set up by the federal government has proposed taking around 3 gigawatts of additional lignite capacity off the grid by 2022. RWE assumes that the bulk of the shutdowns will be in the rhineland region, where the essen-based group operates the power plants and opencast mines. There had been an initial discussion with the federal ministry of economics on wednesday. Schmitz expects negotiations to last several months.

Embattled paypal payment service remains a drawcard for ebay

Group sales rose 14 percent to 4.3 billion dollars (3.1 billion euros), ebay announced in san jose on tuesday.

At the beginning of the year, the feisty u.S. Investor and ebay major shareholder carl icahn had demanded that paypal be spun off. The service can be used to pay for online purchases and transfer money. Especially in the USA, where bank transfers are complicated, paypal is popular and growing accordingly fast.

Icahn, however, believed that the individual parts were worth more than the group as a whole. Ebay leadership, on the other hand, sees paypal as an ideal complement to the marketplace. A heated debate broke out. The two sides made peace only this month. Icahn withdrew his demand and in return was allowed to nominate a candidate of his choice for the board of directors, the highest company body.

The new law passed by the. March 2013 has led to considerable legal uncertainty among users of social networks, bloggers and operators of websites. The media group of upper franconia therefore also considers it necessary to take a clear position here:

links to our online content and short text excerpts, so-called snippets, from our publications continue to be permitted and are even in our interest. No special permission is required from the publisher, and there are no costs involved either. As a guideline, it is permissible, for example, to use the headline of the article together with the text or a comparable text length.

The limit of this permission is reached – as it is already the case – when someone without our consent uses whole articles or substantial parts of texts or articles for advertising purposes. Complete customer advertisements from our offer ubernimmt and with it possibly even money earned. We would also like to be asked for permission if someone uses our content for advertising purposes.

Unpleasant surprise during pipeline construction in ludwigsstadt

Actually, only the water main in the muhlgasse/am hugel area was to be renewed. However, it became apparent – according to the head of the building yard, claus lindig – that the sewer was in an "appalling condition" and the pipe is completely dilapidated due to the low installation depth. "The canal has collapsed. The water is ten centimeters high, lindig made it clear that there was no alternative to replacing the channel. Hereby the RK-pipeline construction kirchhasel at the price of approximately 43000 euro gross was assigned. The piping company was also awarded the contract for the water pipeline construction work at a gross bid price of around 145,000 euros.

Costing a total of 300,000 euros

After completion of the pipe laying, the roadway will also be renewed. The subsequent road construction with the renewal of the asphalt surface with round stones will be carried out by the company STW eliasbrunn, which had submitted the most favorable offer with about 82,000 euros gross. All in all, the gross cost of the fuel reduction is around 300,000 euros.

"Further need for action"

Only the cost of the water main will be subsidized. For this, according to the claim guidelines rzwas there is a claim of 40 percent. "Here you can see how a planned, manageable decrease quickly turns into a need for further action, for which a lot of money has to be spent by the city", ludwigsstadt’s mayor timo ehrhardt (SPD) made this clear when he visited the site together with the head of the city’s public works department, frank ziener, to get an overview of the damage situation.
However, the head of the city was sure that the renovation of the two streets would also further improve the quality of stay in the center of ludwigsstadt.

Bundestag passes law on separate banks

Against the protests of the banking industry, the bundestag passed a package of laws under which larger institutions in particular will have to separate risky trading operations from the traditional banking business in order to protect customer deposits.

In addition to this so-called separation banking system, liability penalties are envisaged for the management boards of banks and insurance companies in the event of breaches of duty in risk management. In addition, geldhauser must draw up its own recovery and resolution plans – known as "bank wills" – in order to react quickly in crises.

The previous day, the bundestag passed stricter capital and bonus rules. The main aim of all the measures is to ensure that taxpayers no longer have to foot the bill for bailing out ailing banks. The opposition criticized the black-yellow legislative plans as inadequate and unanimously rejected the package. Harmful "gambler" businesses remained part of an umbrella company of the bank concerned. In the election campaign, the union and the FDP only wanted to score points quickly after they had previously pulled out, criticized the SPD, the greens and the left.

One goal: employees should like the gkg

So that he can quickly see all the facilities at a glance in which the 1,400 employees of the non-profit hospital company (GKG) and its subsidiary are employed, udo kunzmann has marked them on a map of the district in the office. The 46-year-old comes from the district of forchheim and has been acting as the new managing director of the GKG since the beginning of the year, succeeding monika rother, who headed the GKG for two years. Previously, manfred fischer was their managing director for 20 years. GKG emerged from the former, loss-making district hospitals in scheblitz and burgebrach.

In allusion to this, kunzmann admits that last year was the first time that the company was in the red again. The reason for this is the considerable investment in the construction projects. The rest of the work will be completed this year "but we’re in the black, definitely". Then he shifts the focus to employees. These are important to him, and: pay is not everything "it’s the whole package that counts", he finds and has already put new things into it here.

Grafenberger studied business administration in erlangen and subsequently served for eleven years as deputy head of finance at the university hospital in erlangen. He then moved to erlangen forest hospital, where he was to remain as managing director for six years. During this time he was also responsible for two senior facilities. Although erlangen had 290 beds, in contrast to the GKG clinics in burgebrach and scheblitz, which had a total of 260 beds, there was no need to rebuild. But kunzmann is attracted to the wider variety of his new job in the district of bamberg, especially since he was looking for a new challenge in his job. In his private life, he probably also needs it: the married man from grafenberg jogs regularly, loves skiing and is a passionate mountain biker. He has just completed his first alpine crossing. On the one hand, sport clears his head, on the other hand, it gives him the best ideas, says the father of two children.

Avoiding fines: is your bike really roadworthy??

With a roadworthy bicycle you are always on the safe side. You avoid unnecessary bubble money – and what is even more important, you protect yourself and others. But is your bike really roadworthy?? We tell you what the traffic regulations (stvo) say.

Every cyclist knows the unpleasant feeling when, for some reason, you are riding your bike without lights or the bell is not working and you hope that you will not be checked by the police. However, for the sake of their own safety, every cyclist should attach great importance to a roadworthy bicycle. We tell you which criteria your bike must meet to be roadworthy.

This is what a roadworthy bicycle must have

Cycling is a great alternative to the car: better for the environment, you never have to look for a parking space, you stay fit and it's fun too. However, the ride with the wire donkey can become dangerous, if he is not equipped accordingly. Even if you buy a bike from a dealer, it does not necessarily have to be roadworthy. Before you buy a bike, you should check whether it is roadworthy, otherwise you could even get points in flensburg! We tell you which criteria a roadworthy bicycle must absolutely meet.