Protest against corona seizures in several german cities

Protest against corona seizures in several german cities

Hundreds of people met in several german cities on monday evening for demonstrations against the corona restrictions.

Police in mecklenburg-vorpommern and thuringia in particular registered numerous participants, but there were also protests with several hundred people in saxony. In dresden, the islamophobic and xenophobic movement pegida demonstrated with 300 participants against the mabnahmen for the containment of the corona pandemic – only ten people took part in a counter-rally.

In thuringia, the police counted 46 events with about 2900 participants. The largest gatherings – with about 200 participants each – took place in arnstadt, schmalkalden and bad frankenhausen. In erfurt, police broke up a meeting because participants – opponents of the pandemic collection – did not comply with requirements, as it was called.

In mecklenburg-vorpommern, around 1,200 people were paid, and according to police reports, the largest protest marches, with around 600 participants, took place in rostock, where people marched through the city center clapping their hands without any speeches or transparency, and in neubrandenburg, with around 300 participants. In rostock, the unregistered demonstration had about twice as many participants as last week.

After the pegida rally, about 200 people responded to a call for an unannounced "walk" through the city center of dresden. Similar calls were answered by about 300 people in meiben, 220 in grobenhain, about 100 each in coswig and in wilsdruff, as well as smaller groups of people in other towns in saxony. In rhineland-palatinate, there was a demo in bad marienberg with more than 100 people. According to the police, there were no disturbances.

The president of the thuringian constitutional protection agency, stephan kramer, had declared in the "handelsblatt" on monday that activists saw the unusual situation as a "chance for the collapse of globalized liberalism and democracy". According to kramer, the domestic intelligence service has a special focus on the visible attempts by extremists to infiltrate and exploit legitimate citizen protests.

In the fight against the corona pandemic, the federal states can decide on the gradual opening of public life largely on their own responsibility. Since monday, numerous things are allowed again for the first time in weeks.

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