Police has everything under control

Police has everything under control

"Today's date is a good choice because heavy traffic is really starting up again after the holidays", says chief commissioner rainer scheckenbach. "On the electronic map in the truck we can read the driving and resting times for a whole month", he declares and stands in the lane to wave out a rough truck.
"The driver's card please", says head master diana weidner courtly. Patiently she waits and receives the card from a slightly nervous driver. Then she goes to the police car and sits down at the computer. Together with her young colleague in training, katharina panzer, she now reads off all the data. "His card expired, but he moved the truck anyway."

Secure is secure

A fine of 500 euros awaits the truck driver. The owner is also asked to pay, because he did not issue a vacation certificate to the driver for the days off. He may now continue his journey. A minibus with open side door is parked in front of the truck. You can see a lot of barrels standing unsecured behind the driver's seat. "This is an offence against the stvo", rainer scheckenbach clears up the stunned driver. "They are so heavy, after all …", the driver wants to answer, but the policeman kindly interrupts him: "the load must be secured. How quickly do you think unsecured objects can become a hazard when the brakes are applied or accidents occur?!"
The trainee christoph roth stands next to it and clarifies: "this is an affected person's statement. The driver gets the opportunity to make up his mind and so we can better determine the amount of the fine." This time, the driver of the vehicle, who is his own boss, gets an infraction notice and has to pay 50 euro. "He practically fell for us", the budding young policeman explains with a laugh, because there is glue in the heavy barrels. "I find the aubendienst very interesting", says christoph roth. "It's just different to do it yourself than to watch from the sidelines." Rainer scheckenbach meanwhile takes to the road again and swings his trowel.
"Our relationship with the road users is good. We are always friendly at the controls and explain our mabnahmen. It is not uncommon for the offending drivers to thank us, even though they have been issued with a fine", says head of operations scheckenbach.

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