Costs are under control

Mayor horst rehder (BB) informed the hebdorf councillors in their most recent meeting about the status of the general renovation of the school building in hannberg. So on 4. May started with the demolition work in the old building of the school building, currently the gymnasium is gutted and a classroom is completely demolished.
At its meeting, the council also awarded further contracts, such as for sun protection and blackout systems. The company sitzmann from schlitz will carry out the work for just under 47,000 euros, the cost calculation was 91,000 euros and will thus be significantly undercut.
The metal construction work and the post-and-beam facade will be carried out by the company JMF metallbautechnik for about 243 000 euros, which also includes maintenance work for 13 000 euros. Since the cost calculation was 174,000 euros, the contract amount will be significantly exceeded, the additional costs are due to the current economic market situation. In response to a question from the committee, project manager gerhart schafer explained that the maintenance contract would improve the service life of the system requiring maintenance.
The CSU faction had submitted a motion on the general renovation of the elementary school and cost control, which stefan reif explained once again. "The CSU-fraction is concerned with "receiving information from the administration in a certain automatic way by means of a simple and understandable presentation", the CSU municipal council explained.

List is constantly updated

Project supervisor schafer then commented in detail on the whole issue of cost control. Cost control for the school tree inspection was part of his contract, he said.
Using an excel table, schafer explained the structure of the monitoring table and explained the presentation to the council, and also took on board other requests for changes. For the next meeting of the municipal council, schafer announced a listing of the costs incurred so far and a constant updating of the list. The council agreed with the control mechanism explained by schafer. Sae

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