Few violations of contact rules – incident in frankfurt

Few violations of contact rules - incident in frankfurt

The sunny spring weather attracted many people to the outdoors throughout the country on carol saturday. According to initial police reports, however, most of the people who attended the event complied with the regulations on the containment of the corona pandemic.

However, police officers were attacked in frankfurt on friday evening during a check to ensure compliance with the contact rules. Several suspects were temporarily arrested according to the police.

The police in the rhineland-palatinate city of mainz reported that there were more people on the streets than on good friday. But "everyone was civilized," said a spokesman. Officials in bavaria also found only a few violations. The police in bavaria have tightened their controls over the easter holidays. More checks were also carried out in berlin: around 500 officials were deployed to check compliance with the regulations.

The hamburger police checked the hotspots for excursionists at the alster and elbe and was satisfied with the result. "It’s all going very smoothly," said a spokesman. People were traveling in pairs and paying attention to the minimum distance, he said. There were no incidents worth mentioning.

In schleswig-holstein, police recorded around 200 incidents involving violations of the rules. This is how 20 people tried to reach the north sea islands in north frisia.

The attack in frankfurt came about after officers noticed groups of people apparently disregarding the rules on friday evening. When the first patrol team got out of their car, a large stone hit the side window, which broke, according to the police. Several people ran away afterwards and could not be caught up with by officers.

A second patrol was then attacked by about 20 people. "Some of the men were armed with stones, roof slats and iron bars, and moved threateningly toward the officers," the police said. The patrol first beat a retreat, the group then ran away. The officers gave chase – and were pelted with a funf-kilo weight plate. But they missed their target. No one was injured.

The police launched a manhunt, which included a helicopter. In an apartment, the officers encountered six suspects between the ages of 23 and 31. They seized various weapons such as samurai swords, daggers, brass knuckles, and firecrackers. The suspects are now awaiting criminal proceedings for, among other things, attempted grievous bodily harm and particularly serious breach of the peace.

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