Emotions run high when it comes to water

Whether it was the water house, the well or the fees: the topic of water was discussed at the castle meeting in drosendorf.
Dieter peterhansel wanted to have the costs incurred for the renovation of the water house and the canal explained again in detail. He also wanted to know what would happen to the surplus well water from drosendorf: "would it simply run into a stream or has the association planned a ring connection??"
While the water house cost 53,000 euros more than expected in the original calculation, the experts had estimated the condition of the water pipes in the village itself to be better than they actually were, explained eggolsheim mayor claus schwarzmann (BB). "When the construction company got to work, more and more damaged valves and other parts appeared," said maier, reported schwarzmann. Since a fixed price was agreed for the people of drosendorf, the municipality has to pay the extra cost: "this has saved each property around 1,000 euros, the mayor assured the people of drosendorf.
Even though the fees for drinking water in drosendorf now amount to 1.40 euros per cubic meter – as in all other municipalities – and are thus more than double the previous fee, schwarzmann pointed out that the fees are still very low compared to other municipalities.

For safe supply

The water management office had asked the market town of eggolsheim to do its homework and ensure safe drinking water. The 1.40 euros for each cubic meter will be used not only for the water supply, but also for any renovations and cleaning that may be necessary.
"Only when the fee is not enough, additional contributions are levied on everyone", assured schwarzmann. In the past, the emotions of the citizens had often been responsible for insufficient information and smells, stated the mayor. He called on the people of drosendorf to put the past behind them: "the decisions have been made, and we at the water association manage the water in drosendorf cleanly with our own resources."
The sign "no drinking water, the running fountain in front of the church is not enough, informed schwarzmann. If the water is used as drinking water, it must be controlled. But for water that simply runs away, the mayor wants to keep the impact to a minimum. The people of drosendorf do not agree. "I’ll have them check what it will cost if the water continues to run at the fountain", schwarzmann emphasized.
Friedrich kropfeld wanted to know whether the bayernwerk company was going to lay the power lines in the ground before the trench was renovated. As a rule, bayernwerk works according to its own ideas and not according to what is planned in the communities, replied schwarzmann. That’s why empty pipes are being laid during the trench rehabilitation project. So that the road does not have to be torn up again later, when the electrical connections of the houses are removed from the roof hanger and laid under the road.

No week-long closures

Whether guests would still be able to get to the pub if the district of forchheim renovated the road, wanted to know landlord edmund zehner. This tram will be installed in the "high" position rehabilitated, the mayor explained – and thus no week-long closure is to be expected. In this rehabilitation project, the entire substructure is retained, only the surface course is renewed.
The market community only has to make sure that the footpaths are still drained into the gutter after the renovation. Another citizen wanted to know whether the citizens would be involved in the planning of the walkway. Schwarzmann feared that the market community must align its plans with the realities created by the district. He steamed the expectations of the people of drosendorf, who wanted crossing aids at the entrances to the village so that cars would reduce their speed.

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