Andreas scholl before his debut in frohnlach

Andreas scholl before his debut in frohnlach

Vfl frohnlach's 1-1 draw with kickers wurzburg a week ago was, as co-trainer alexander weber said, "a good and important point for morale. For the table situation, however, there are two too few."
That's exactly one of the problems frohn-lach has had since the start of the regional league season in july. Seven times in the 17 games so far, the vfl has drawn and more than once it was a late goal against that robbed the team of the victory just before the end.

The fact that the vfl scored a late equalizer in wurzburg thanks to a free kick by captain bastian renk is pleasing, but does not really help the team. Frohnlach remains in eighteenth place in the relegation zone and has only two more opportunities before the end of the first half of the season to correct its poor half-season record.

Hopes for a turnaround rest naturally on the completed change of coach. With andreas scholl a surprising successor was installed. In any case, hardly anyone had the favorite of co-sponsor franz stegner on their minds. How long his contract will last has not been disclosed for the time being. Today, the ambitious A-schein holder makes his debut at willi schillig stadium.

Since monday, the newcomer from furth has been in charge of the training together with his assistant alexander weber. The focus will be on him today. And it will be interesting to see whether there will be any changes in the line-up and tactics. "It's going to be a 50-50 game that we want to win at all costs", says scholl, who was absolutely satisfied with the attitude of his new team during the training sessions: "they really stepped on the gas."

Backlog remains manageable

The team is naturally unsettled, which is quite normal in view of the last few weeks, but the task now is to get back on the road to success as quickly as possible. However, the gap between the top and the bottom also gives cause for hope for better times ahead. The vfl is with 16 payers long not beaten. 11th place is just six points away. This gap remains manageable. A successful conclusion to the preliminary round is also possible because of the upcoming pairings, as the games can be played loose.

The vfl meets the two last-place teams in the rankings. Today at 2 p.M., FC augsburg II comes to willi schillig stadium, and next week, spvgg bayern hof awaits its eternal rival from frohnlach in the grunen au. Both opponents, somewhat unexpectedly, have only ten and seven points respectively on their books and are therefore even more worried than the vfl when it comes to staying in the league. "Blue-white" so expect two straight basement duels, two so-called six-point games, the outcome of which could be very important in the final standings at the end of the season.

On today's opponent: augsburg set a remarkable example on wednesday by beating TSV rosenheim 5:0. Maybe this was a liberating blow for the bundesliga-reserve, which the vfl will get to track down. The results achieved by the swabians so far should not be allowed to obscure the fact that there is a lot of potential in coach dieter markle's squad. Last week's 1:2 home defeat against TSV buchbach was already accompanied by a lot of bad luck. Three times the ball landed at the post, while buchbach was successful already with the first attack.

Squad with out

Caution is also called for because augsburg can occasionally call on professionals like dominik reinhardt, sascha molders or, as recently, jan-ingwer callsen-bracker. We will have to wait and see whether the bundesliga team will also strengthen the team today. The complete squad is probably not available today: kristian bohnlein is fighting a flu and sinan bulat still has problems with his shoulder. The use of these two is in any case questionable. Ertan sener has started his studies in darmstadt, but will be part of the squad. Sebastian hofmann is back in training, but his call-up comes too soon. Good news from marcin sokotowski. The defender has started running again after his leg fracture and will probably take part in team training in the near future.

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