150 Years of the garitz fire department, 50 years of the youth band: a cause for celebration

150 years of the garitz fire department, 50 years of the youth band: a cause for celebration

The youth band of the garitz fire department celebrated its 50th anniversary in a festive and convivial atmosphere. The traditional "wiesn" festival provided the setting for the socializing. The 150th anniversary of the garitz fire department was celebrated in a festive service.

The school garden next to the gymnasium was ideal for the guests of the youth band, as the trees provided protection from the sun on both days. Under the dense green stood the beer table sets for the adults, for the young guests of the wiesn festival there was a bouncy castle, a play mobile and face painting for children. On sunday there was a flea market, and for technical fans the fire engines LF 10/6 and TFL 8/18W were presented.

Thanks to the good weather, the response on both days was very good despite the competition in neighboring communities, says chairman fabian schopf. The musical qualities of the youth band as well as of friendly bands were in the center of attention. On saturday, the youth band itself and the music school auditions provided the supporting program. On sunday, the nudlinger musikanten offered an atmospheric accompaniment to the early pint, before the "little muppets" youth orchestra performed and in the evening the group "just for fun" the atmosphere was created by.

The festive service was the solemn start of the sunday, and the flag delegations of the garitz associations and the district fire brigades showed that something special was being celebrated. The garice fire brigade was founded in 1869, the youth band in 1969 – and as part of the year-long events both celebrated the service together. In the funeral, pastor edwin ziegler expressed his appreciation for the fire departments and thanked the youth band for the musical arrangement of the service and many other church and club-related activities.

Looking into the church, pastor ziegler stated: "you visibly fill the church"!" – but not only in the pews the uniforms of the armed forces dominated, but also six former altar boys completed the altar service in uniform and received applause for the statement: "learned is learned".

In the gallery, 30 members of the youth band under the direction of timo-jan deen showed that they can play not only light music, but also sacred pieces.

The motto "god’s honor, the neighbor’s defense" documents the close documents the close connection between the fire departments and the church, according to community advisor barbara voll. In a small discussion round with georg schmitt and matthias hippler, she gave the churchgoers an insight into the close connection between faith and help: "both mean to live with trust in someone else."

Why the fire department was able to celebrate its 150th anniversary was answered with a look at the local chronicle: in 1869, the head of the village of garitz bought a fire engine for 700 gulden – and for that, trained helpers were needed. The challenges of that time are still valid with increased technical demands and although the fire departments are highly respected, it is becoming more and more difficult to recruit new blood.

The children’s church, which took place at the same time, was also about helping – even the youngest already know that police, sanitary workers and firefighters are important. They made hands and hearts as symbols for helping, which were then presented in the altar area. Afterwards there was a parade from the st.-elisabeth church in the direction of festlande.

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